Lean Muscle and How To Build It

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Learning how much protein and calories you take in everyday is the basis of building lean muscle. To build muscle and burn fat you need to weight train, eat clean and consume enough protein.

Eat properly to lose all the fats and instead gear up on the protein consumption. But here’s something else to consider, if you’re not eating right, then you have no reason to be in the gym; you’re actually harming your body if you do.

Here is what you need to do to build lean muscle – keep a daily food journal that counts the fat, protein and carbohydrate calories you are consuming each day.

Once you’ve done this, it is now time to make up a strategy that will allow you to increase your muscles mass while eliminating the addition of fat. The second thing you need to do when learning how to build lean muscle is to determine what your daily protein intake needs to be.

If you weigh 165 lbs, and you want to weigh 185 lbs, then you need to eat like someone who weighs 185 lbs, and the key to that is consuming 1.5 your body weight (or goal body weight) in grams of protein.

So the guy who weighs 165 lbs, but who wants to weigh 185 lbs needs to consume 225 g A DAY to reach that weight and build that lean muscle mass.

225 g of protein is a lot, but not if you’re used to eating that much food. If you eat 5 to 6 meals a day and take in 45 grams of protein in each one, you’ll get to your goal. Body mass should be maintained by constantly eating at that level. Once you’re eating right, you‘ll need to establish a weight-training routine that gradually builds as you graduate up the scales.

Of course, eating right also means eating smart and by this, we mean selecting menu items that are high in protein, vitamins & minerals, especially Omega-3s (good fat) and low in bad fat. Some good options include chicken, tuna and other fish types, but to get your daily protein requirement, you might want to try drinking quality protein shakes.

Carbs, you can take in all the carbs you want just as long as you’re getting the protein that you need, because you’ll be burning lots of carb calories during the workouts which requires an intense cardio routine.

There are lots of healthy carbs on the grocery store shelves, like fruit, vegetables, nuts, and grains, so don’t think that carbs are solely from fastfood. It is important to note that junk foods contain useless carbs that you should stay away from, instead get your carbs from natural fruits and vegetables.

Since junk foods have no protein value, you’ll want to stay away from those, once you’ve consumed the necessary amount of protein every day, then you’re free to eat whatever you want.

Now you know the key factors involved in how to build lean muscle mass, don’t forget to take a multi-vitamin every day while you’re working out. It helps replenish everything that’s getting used up and expelled as you push your body to the max.

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