Interval Training vs Steady State Cardio

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I’ve been a fan of HIIT and interval training for well over a decade. HGH, your natural fat burning hormone is greatly sped up, as well as your metabolism, and this lets you get rid of much more fat on the body than simply dieting will. This isn’t any new information for the people that already know about interval training. A thing that is not always known however, is that when you do interval training, you are better able to do endurance exercise.

Great Results With The Interval Training Study

The Journal of Applied Physiology had a study published in 1995, where they divided 16 participants into two groups. Eight people did two weeks of sprint intervals, and eight people were the a control group who did nothing over these two weeks. Both of the groups were tested before and after the two weeks, for endurance capacity. It was found that in this short time, the interval group’s endurance capacity was doubled.

Endurance Benefits Better Than Endurance Exercise

Although we now know that High Intensity Interval Training, certainly increases endurance in people better than those that do nothing, what are the benefits for those who do endurance exercise? Researchers have said that their interval study results are like, or better than the previously reported training studies, based on aerobics training of the same time length. The people in the study, increased their endurance capacity better than the endurance study, in which the people did endurance exercise for 2 hours a day for 5 days a week, or a total of 20 hours.

2 Hours of a Normal Cardio Workout vs 15 Minutes of HIIT?

It is kind of crazy to think that doing HIIT can increase endurance capacity more than doing endurance exercise itself. For a whole lot of people, this will be a totally new change for them. This study isn’t new by any means, but this info still hasn’t reached mainstream. Even today, when I go to the gym, very few people are doing any kind of interval exercise. It really is mind boggling! We have known for 15+ years that HIIT is superior to burning fat…and for the past 5 years that interval training may be one of the best ways to increase endurance.

What This Means for Endurance Athletes

If you are an endurance athlete, then to get the most benefit from your workout, you have to use endurance exercise. The tendons and muscles must be made stronger, so that the pain of endurance exercise can be withstood. My recommendation, is along with your endurance training, also do a mix of intervals. That way you get the best of both worlds.

What This Means for Everyone Else

By doing steady state cardio after HIIT, you can get more fat burning from the exercises. Also, when you have to run for a long period of time, this is great for conditioning your joints and body. It feels good to know that I can run for 20-30 minutes without feeling body aches the next 2-3 days. Right now, I only do this 1-2 times a week. You will probably not need to do steady state cardio for long time periods, if your only concern is losing weight.


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