Improve Physical Fitness and Feel Great With Ballroom Dancing

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It’s not surprising that some find it hard to start a new physical fitness routine.  Looking for an activity that combines enjoyment and physical fitness is sometimes difficult for those unaccustomed to working out.  One way to improve physical fitness without resorting to joining a gym is to try ballroom dancing.   Ballroom dancing is incredibly physical, especially styles like samba and swing.   Ballroom allows dancers to start slow and ramp up, which makes it easier to learn.  It’s an inviting option for those who are seeking fun, socialization, as well as weight loss.  Also, many clubs are priced reasonably, at least on par with the average gym membership.

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TV is rife with ballroom dancing shows, contributing to its explosive popularity these days.  People excitedly watch celebrity amateurs learn moves like the pros, and they are inspired to run out and learn for themselves.

You’re never too old to give it a try, either.   Retirees are among those that are flocking to ballroom dancing as an avenue for physical fitness.  Ballroom dance moves are not only great for your physical fitness, but you also can train your mind as you dance.  This is particularly wonderful for retirees, since doctors stress the importance of exercising the mind and the body.

It’s possible to burn anywhere from 250 to 400 calories per hour dancing ballroom, depending on the step you’re dancing.  Maximum calorie burning comes from choosing salsa, samba, or cha cha. Balance and coordination are improved through ballroom dancing, something that you just can’t get on a treadmill or stair climbing machine!

Another bonus to ballroom dancing is the socialization involved.   In group classes, you can dance with many different people, and make a whole new set of friends!

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