How to take muscle building supplements

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If you have been training to build muscle for some time, and are not taking muscle building supplements you are doing just half of what you should be.

I suggest you give them a whirl, in a cautious manner. Supplements are a fast track for building muscles, that is well proven. With the correct muscle building supplements like branched chain amino acids, and proper training you will build the muscles you want.

Using supplements is a good idea, but you have to know how to use them effectivly. No one wants to pay hundreds of dollars for them and not see any results. Its common to use the supplements incorrectly at firts, and learnt expensive lessons.

I have leant to use them appropriately because I spent alot of time doing what was wrong. It wasnt until I got myself 'No nonsense muscle building' by Vince Delmonte, that I learnt the right supplement techniques for genuine hard lean muscle building.


Most supplement labels claim do be good for you, they tell you exactly what you want to hear, but do you have the body for it? You have to get your body reasonably fit, before the muscle building supplements work well, then you can depend on them, for muscle gain and your recovery.


When comes to creatine, you must have the body for it before it works to give you the muscle size and increases in density. Loading phases help you build it up effectivly in your system. Make a plan for your body to sustain it and a plan to maintain it.


I have learnt how to use creatine from “No Nonsense Muscle Building”. It teaches me how to use and maintain it. I use it with other muscle mass supplements and stacks, as recommended in the book. It gave me an incredible result of about 20% of the muscle growth. These results made a big change for me, and now I have moved to the next level in my routines and muscle growth.


The right method and use of supplements, gives you more determination and strength to work toward your goals. It boosts your body’s natural immune system and speeds up your recovery, increasing your strength.


I use a careful combination of tribulus, glutamine, BCAA’s and creatine in pill and powder forms. It certainly worked a charm for me, and it will for you too.

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