How to Pack on Pounds with Supplements

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When most people begin weight lifting the first thing that they do is go to the health store and purchase lots of unnecessary supplements.Besides using steroids, muscle building supplements present a viable option for individuals who are looking to bulk up.If you’re not careful you can be easily bamboozled by un-honest supplement companies that just want your green.It’s hard to believe but the fact is that the majority of the bodybuilding and fitness magazines that are yelling at you claiming that all these bodybuilding supplements are the greatest thing since sliced bread are actually an owned property of greedy supplement companies.How to put on weight comes down to more than just bodybuilding supplements but it’s a fantastic place to start.

Knowing this then, what can the average person do to figure out what the supplement that is the best for his personal weight gaining needs? The first thing to know is that the supplement you choose really depends on what result you want to achieve. From weight gainers to fat burners there are a ton of supplements out there.To figure out which ones are the best you are again going to have to take a good look at what you are attempting to achieve.

To start out, a vast majority bodybuilders consume a pre-workout supplement that helps raise there focus and energy while at the gym. They really work to get you going in the gym if you are working out in the morning when you just wake up or after a long grueling day at work. N.O. Xplode is probably the most popular supplement for this at this time.

Protein powder is absolutely critical on any exercise plan.Without a doubt the most popular supplement, protein powder can help the body to build muscle mass and can burn fat. You can put down a protein shake 2 to 3 times a day to get all of you’re calories in and also promote weight and muscle gain.

A little known fact is that to get huge you need to put down a very large amount of carbohydrates. Taking a huge amount of carbohydrates prevents essential muscle building protein from being burned during workouts and provides energy for lifting more weight. Instead of burning protein which is used for muscle growth, carbs are used to drive your body’s energy. If you load on carbs it won’t effect your body’s protein storage so that it can help in you’re effort to gain mass . Weight gainer is the best way to load you up on carbs. The one thing to note here is that many weight gainers on the market contain simple carbohydrates (sugar) which promote fat storage so be aware. Diet is another essential part. To find out more about diet go check out what to eat to gain weight.

If you’ve decided not to take N.O. Xplode you are going to need to find a good micronized creatine. Study after study shows that creatine flat out works to increase you’re lifting strength by as much as 20%. There have been some false claims that creatine can cause kidney problems. While it is true that issues with you’re kidney can come up if you overdose on creatine but it is generally safe.


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