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Doing the right type of exercises daily is important for ensuring that you are in top physical condition. Aside from the usual exercises, you also need to do strength training. Aerobics exercises can help in strengthening your lungs and heart because it aids your muscles in using oxygen efficiently. Strength training is different. The main focus of strength training is to work the muscles so that you burn off unwanted fat. Strength training is based on the concept of resistance.

Before you start with strength training, you must consult your doctor first. Get a thorough check up so that the doctor can determine if you can lift weights. Don’t do overdo the exercises and first timers should always start out with light activities. Ask a professional instructor in a gym on how to start with weight training. Expert advice is very important so that can determine how many times you’re supposed to workout, learn the warm up and cooling exercises, and other important things. Fitness experts can also help you with strength training.

You must also be aware of the serious problems that come in strength training. Make sure that you don’t strain your muscles, joints, and bones. If you’re uncomfortable, stop the exercise. Don’t resume training unless you’ve consulted a doctor first. Don’t use anabolic steroids and other drugs that help in muscle development.

Start out with basic routines especially if you’re new in strength training. You can try more intense, harder workouts at a later period. Beginners are usually recommended to train for 2 to 3 sessions a week. With warm ups and cool downs, the workout session should last between 20 minutes to an hour. You can work on three groups of muscles for every session. For instance, on day 1, you can work on the leg muscles; on day 2, work on your triceps, shoulders, and chest; and on day 3, you can work on your biceps and back. You should also include a day where you workout your ab muscles on various abdominal workout machines. I currently use a machine called the Abs Rocket that is great for burning fat, as well as strengthening and toning the ab muscles.

Strength training is not very hard. You simply need to have enough knowledge about the different exercises and how to perform them properly. As mentioned earlier, there are dangers in strength training that you must avoid. Make sure you get your physician’s approval when it comes to strength training if you’ve had muscle problems before.

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