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Ever wondered how bodybuilders got their rocking bods? For you to fully comprehend how you can get six pack abs fast, you need to recognize the significance of warming up before working out. If you are the type of person who underestimates the benefits of warming up before your training, I think you better continue reading.

Forgetting to warm up before your workout routine is pardonable. NEGLECTING it altogether isn’t.

Warm-ups: Revving the Human Machine

When driving a car, for example, do you push the pedal to the metal immediately after turning on the ignition? Some undoubtedly do, but that couldn’t be good for the automobile in the long run, could it? Like any machine, our body needs flexibility before engaging in any strenuous physical routine.

Defibulators charge, desktop computers start up, and hair irons build up heat. Similarly, our bodies also require a proper start-up. The truth about 6 pack abs is that it still requires you to warm-up first; there are no exceptions.

Warm-ups give your muscles a short opening stroke. Just like John Alvino, author of “How to Get Ripped Abs,” said, there are a number of important advantages to warming up. Including, but not limited to:

1. Raising your body temperature gradually to reduce joint friction;

2. Acting as the psychological underpinning for your heavy workout; and

3. Decreasing the risk of getting yourself hurt while training.

Warming Up Step-by-Step

The best way to get six pack abs fast is to follow a strict exercise routine, and that includes warming up before anything else. Set aside about ten minutes for your warm-up exercises. That should be sufficient for an hour-long workout. To make sure that you’re doing your routine properly, you need to understand that warming up is a PROCESS.

These steps include:

1. THE GENERAL WARM-UP. Just as the phrase implies, this step works on your body as a whole, giving much emphasis on your joints. The general warm-up doesn’t have to take long (five minutes is enough), but you need to make sure that you’ve covered all the bases. You can start off by climbing a flight of stairs – that ought to get your blood pumping.

2. THE SEMI-SPECIFIC WARM-UP. John Alvino also calls it the Joint Prep. This type of warm-up, which should last around two minutes, acts as a “bridge” between general and specific warm-ups. Doing overhead squats, forward T-Flexion, reaching split squats, supine hip raises, and horizontal or A-Frame planks condition your joints and, consequently, decrease the chances of injury.

Congratulations! You are well on your way toward getting six pack abs fast!

3. THE SPECIFIC WARM-UP. This remaining type of warm-up includes a range of lighter exercises you need to perform during your session. In order to sustain the level of your workout, you must recognize the importance of this step.

If your goal is to get six pack abs fast, you’re only required to do warm-up exercises that zone in on your abdominal muscles. Ab workouts are usually done at the last part of your session to avoid exhaustion of the abdominal muscles. If you are not sure what type of ab warm-up to perform, you can watch six pack abs videos online or ask a fitness trainer for more information.

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