How to Get Rid of Belly Fat Forever

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It’s hard to imagine that there can be a worse epidemic for our society than belly fat.

Unfortunately, belly fat for many is the unwelcome result of an intensely stressful life with no pressure release valve. Alarmingly, it’s not just diet and exercise that contribute to belly fat, but  stress is a major hidden culprit in the belly fat arena.  Sadly, although it’s easy to add the belly fact – it’s no small task to get rid of it. The fat accumulates around the belly is considered “stubborn fat” because once it takes up residency it’s like the house guest that’s overstayed their welcome – it doesn’t want to leave.

To appropriately attack the belly fat and get rid of it, you have to learn the secrets on how to lose belly fat.  First, you have to plan on stopping the stressors that contributed to it and next, you have to change your diet eating plan to stop feeding the belly fat. For other great tips on how to lose belly fat check out Body Building Corps Best Way To Lose Belly Fat

When you are often in stressful situations like, a difficult boss, fear of losing your job, financial problems, marriage difficulties, even yo-yo dieting, and a myriad of other dilemmas your adrenal glands are in a constant state of high alert and they begin releasing cortisol to deal with the multitude of stressors. The adrenal glands job is to release an attack on these stressors to subdue them and bring the situation back to normal.  This was not meant for long term occurrences, but a direct hit to quell the problem.  The battle is when you’re under constant stress the adrenal glands are constantly pumping cortisol trying to resolve the stressful episode that never ends.  The high levels of cortisol tear down healthy muscles and thus, the excess belly fat.

It will take time, but you can learn how to lose belly fat.  First, it’s important to do the kind of exercises that will target this area.  Start with weights.  Lift as heavy as you can because this will gear up your metabolism.  Start with 6 – 10 reps to get the best metabolic effect.

Next,increase cardio.  Don’t do long extensive hours. You want to focus everything so that you get the best results out of it.  That said, do sprints.  Actually, do the sprints initially, before the cardio.  This will release the fatty acids from the tissue then mobilize and burn them off during the cardio phase.  This is the best way to target the stubborn belly fat. For more information on how to ignite your fat burning system check out Click Here!

Next, you want to take a look at your diet.  The high fat and carbohydrate foods will stifle your progress.  Eliminate these foods or seriously reduce them and add foods high in protein.  Your body will burn more calories just by digesting them. To learn more success strategies visit Top Muscle Building Secrets

That’s it!  Work hard and watch as the belly fat starts to disappear!

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