How To Get Huge Biceps.

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To get big biceps you need a diet plan as well as a training plan. Let’s say your eating a healthy well balanced diet. Your eating quality natural foods 5- 6 meals a day, about every 3 hours, with good ratio of lean protein, carbohydrates and good fat at every meal. Drink at least half your bodyweight, in ounces of water, every day.

It’s a good idea to do your big compound lifts first in your weight lifting routine. Exercises like, squats, deadlifts and clean and jerks will stimulate growth hormone production, to better cause muscle growthh.

I like to use free weights over machines because your body has to work harder to control them, which is more functional. Understand also, that when you do your compound exercises your arms will get worked no matter what.

Biceps assist in all upper body pulling exercises,. If you were to do your isolated arm exercises first, then you would not perform very well doing those exercises. Use your isolated arm exercises to finish up and polish the arms after you’re finished with the compound exercises.

If you reverse the aformentioned plan, you can do a technique called, pre-exhaustion training. If you do an exercise first that tires out the supporting muslce in the arms, then the main driver of the movement, will be required to do more work, since it’s helper has been pre-exhausted. For example: you could do sets of tricep extensions before doing bench presses. The theory being that your lats would get more work due to the fact that your biceps are tapped. It looks great on paper, as to whether it really works is another question. Give it a try and see what you think.

If you’re finished with the big compound moves, then it’s time to move on to the arm exercises to get big biceps. Hit your arms from as many angles as you can, but don’t over do it. I like to do a standing curl to hit the middle portion of the biceps; a decline curl (about 10 – 20 degrees off vertical) for my biceps to get it in the stretched position; and a concentration or spider curl to really hit the peak contraction point. These are all done palms up, know as a supinated grip.

You can superset your biceps with similar three position tricep exercises. For example: a standing triceps pushdown for the middle position, a triceps kick-back for the peak contraction position and an overhead triceps extension for the stretched position.

Choose what position you wish to work that day; middle , stretched or peak contraction and just do 3 to 4 supersets of that position that day. The next time you hit arms, do a different position and keep them rotating each workout. You can do reverse curls for a few sets to warm up.

To hit the brachialis muscle under the biceps and maintain good balance in the arms, turn your hands palms down. The brachialis is the workhorse in the upper arm for flexing the elbow. By turning your hands palms down, you eliminate the biceps and concentrate on the brachialis. Get the brachialis larger and it will push up the biceps from underneath and make it look bigger.

If your nutrition is poor then you’ll never get the muscle growth or muscularity that you are lookiing for.

Eat well, work hard, get green!

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Kurt Williams

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