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How to get big muscles, that is what most guys want to find out. The search for the answer to this question has led millions of men to shell out thousands of dollars for magazines, gym memberships, trainers, coaches, and supplements.  You do not have to be one of these men.

Since you are asking the question “how to get big muscles”, I assume that you already have muscles, and are just looking for ways to increase their size.  You have done every exercise in the book but this has not yielded any results.  If this sounds familiar, then it is possible that you may have just missed one of the most crucial elements in building body mass, and that is energy.

Energy is needed by the body to build muscle tissue.  Calories are a source of energy.  No matter how much you exercise, without enough calories, your body cannot build the required amount of muscle tissue to acquire bigger muscles.  Try to boost your calorie intake by 500 and carry on with your exercise plan.  If results still aren’t showing, add another 500.  Of course, when I say increase calorie intake, I do not mean for you to gorge down on greasy French fries and hamburgers.  Eating healthy is of utmost importance. Increase your carbohydrates and lean protein intake found in poultry, lean meat, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Now that we have covered that, it is time to find out if you are doing the right exercises. “How to get big muscles” is actually a no brainer. However, most men are misled by the misconceptions of muscle building exercises.  Do not fall into the same trap.  When exercising, remember the following.

High repetitions will not get you anywhere.  If you do 100 reps bicep curls with a 50 Pd dumbbell easily, guess what?  You are not building an ounce of muscle.  To achieve maximum results in gaining muscle mass, focus on low repetitions with heavy weights.

Getting into a routine of doing the same exercises and lifting the same weights day after day will just get you into a plateau.  The muscles have an amazing adaptability characteristic.  Once it gets used to the weights you are carrying, it no longer gets stressed.  No muscle stress = no muscle build up.  Vary your exercise routine daily and increase your weights gradually.

Let your muscles rest every now and then.  Never train beyond your capability.  It is impossible for your muscles to grow if you do not give it sufficient time to heal after every work out.  Work on one or two body parts at a time if you hit the gym every day.  Let’s say you work on your chest and legs today; tomorrow, work on your biceps and shoulder; next day, your back and legs, and so on…  This lets you incorporate variety into your routine, as well as give your muscles the rest that they need.

There are a number of effective methods for building muscle mass.  There are also ways to build muscle mass fast.  For more information on how to get big muscles quickly and effectively, visit this link.

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