How to get big biceps quickly

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Your problem on how to build huge biceps will be solved in this article. To get this result, you will need to learn some of these few elements. For success apply these three easy to use concepts that have been compressed just for you.

Notice: Word of caution. When lifting weights, using the correct technique is  necessary. The rate of your muscle growth will be increased and the risk of injury reduced.

In trying to build the bicep muscle, the bicep curl using a barbell is the most extensively used exercise. This exercise is a core compound workout which should be part of muscle building program for any professional.

A quick description of this exercise is as shown below. Liftup the dumbbell and rest it against your legs, standing with feet apart at shoulder width. Curl the dumbbell up until it touches your chest then slowly lower the bar back down to your legs. Your main focus here is a deliberate and in control technique.I like having one foot forward when performing this exercise.

Method #1 – How to get big biceps

Keep your weight heavy and know that you are pushing your muscle to its almost maximum. In developing any muscle group, this is a must and should be done the right way. As a guide, you are after 4 steps of 6-8 reps and you want to be at your maximum effort.

You will find it a real challenge to get out the last rep but still try to hold good clean technique through the exercise. Each set has a golden last rep. Most muscle is enhanced in this last rep. When you start to lose your technique in your last rep, the weight you are lifting should be reduced .

Method #2 How to get big biceps

In your muscle building program, it is important to take a rest. The rest periods between your bicep sets is what am discussing.

There are many opinions on this subject but from my research, we have that anywhere around the minute mark which is what we are aspring at. To workout what is giving you the most muscle growth, you can test this yourself over a phase of time.

Testing these results will require a stopwatch. Be firm with yourself, if you decide to take a 50 sec break between sets stick to it.

How to get big biceps quickly. Variety.

This is an appealing point. If you hit a stability when you find that you are training, try sticking to your dumbbell curls adding 5% to the bar every week!Everytime you try to put in that 5%, you will either lose your technique or only get 5 reps to a set.

First off this in not scarce. But what do you do? Your bicep has now become accustomed to that particular exercise.

The solution here is to look at changing your bicep exercise every 4 months.Your muscle will be shaken back into growth which is the result we are after.

I hope you have enjoyed this article on how to get big biceps and learnt some useful lessons which you can apply today. To learn more on how to get big biceps read the report on the Muscle Gain Truth Program.

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