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There are some myths about how to get six pack abs that we should dispel before you can really shrink your middle and lose body fat.

The myth that you cannot train deep abdominal muscles unless you use an apparatus is bogus.  Your money would be thrown away if you were to spend it on such worthless gadgets.

 Disregard the myth about the hundreds of crunches needed to get big abdominal muscles.  All of the abdominal muscles are not trained by crunches, and those that are receive only light stimulation.

The third myth is that you must starve yourself to cut body fat so you can see your abdominal muscles.  When your body doesn’t get energy from food, it takes energy from fat and muscles – so starvation diets don’t work.

The last untrue myth says a pill can help you lose fat and get toned abdominals.  Thousands of people have thrown away thousands of dollars following such dreams – please don’t waste yours.  If you eat right, get enough sleep, and exercise well you will get the body you want.

We’ve talked about what to avoid, now we can talk about what you can do to get the abdominals you want.

There are a lot of muscle building and/or fat loss plans that will help you lose your belly fat and build your abdominals.  See these reviews for The Truth About Six Pack Abs and Turbulence Training.  There are many other programs around – if you think you need some help beyond this article, find a program that is right for you.  The most important thing in any program is that it goes well with your lifestyle so you will do it.  For right now, let’s concentrate on the main components of a six pack ab workout.

Weight loss will not uncover a six pack if the pack is not there – only a good training plan will increase the size of your abs so they can be seen once the fat is gone. To grow your abdominals, like any other muscle, you have to work the muscle fibers then allow them to recoup and grow.  exercise them even more after the rest period.  You have to do this in the correct sequence and frequency to get good results.                                         


When you plan a exercise routine, you should plan to work the muscles that are most important to you first.  So, if you want a six pack, do your abdominal exercises first to get the most out of your high energy level.


Rest time depends on workout intensity – the higher the intensity the more rest is required.  To make your abs bigger, you need to do high intensity workouts fewer times a week.  A day or two of rest in between intense workouts should be enough for growth and recouperation, so plan on doing only 2 – 4 ab workouts each week.  Remember to really see a six pack, you should exercise all of your ab muscles: upper abs, lower abs and obliques.

For more information on which body movements exercise each group of muscle, see Get Washboard Abs.

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