How To Build Muscle Mass Fast And Boost Your Bench Press

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Everyone knows to build muscle up one of the best exercises for the upper body is the bench press. As always certainly one of the questions near the top of bodybuilders lists is: how much can you bench press?’. Whilst it may not be the best measure of overall strength it does have a certain macho feel to it and a big bench press is certainly very impressive. So lets cut to the chase and find out how to build muscle now and get a bigger bench press:

Grow your triceps. As musch as two thirds of the entire muscle mass on your arms comes from the tricep muscle. it is more than likely that weak tris are restricting your bench press progress. The best exercises to build muscle mass on your triceps are using barbells and dumbells: close grip bench-presses and skull crushers. Isolation exercises like tricep press-downs are less effective. They can certainly aid in increasing your benchpress.

Try training your triceps separately. Usually bodybuilding programs recommend that you train the chest in the same session as the triceps. Try training them on their own for a change. Doing so enables you to really shred them intensely and stimulate that muscle to grow. Do this over a period of a few weeks and then go back and see how many more weight discs you can press.

Variety. have you been doing the same old routine for months on end? time to switch things around a bit. Your muscle won’. Keep changing things, they can be subtle changes like altering the grip width or reversing the order of your routine or they can be larger changes like doing super sets, compound sets and so on, these will give you a real pump by the way.

Make sure you are not doing too much! While with most things in life more is better, in muscle building this is not quite true. Too much training for your chest muscles means it takes longer for them to recover and develop. Do not focus on quantity rather go for intensity and quality instead. A short intense workout is much more effective than a long drawn out one.

Quality rest. Muscles are not about to grow whilst you are working out! At rest is when they grow. You won’t grow if you don’t allow enough time to grow. Of course, never train when your muscles are sore and a good guideline is only do 6-9 sets each session for the chest, more than this risks over training.

Take a break from training. if you have hit a chest muscle mass building plateau then have a break. Allow your body to fully recuperate and eradicate all the strains and return a week or so later doubly motivated.

Push your chest muscle harder by doing negatives on the weight bench. Negatives are when you find two spotters to intially aid you to press the weight but who then let you take the full weight and lower it by yourself under slow complete control. This is done because people are able to lower more than they can lift. Therefore if we can get the body lowering more weight it is probable that this will aid us for the effort phase also. The negative portion of the lift is proven to develop more muscle growth than the effort phase.

Check your diet. Are you eating 5-7 meals a day with approximately 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight? If you are not then it is quite possible that you are restricting your gains by not adopting fully a muscle building diet. In each meal try to get them divided as follows: 50% carbohydrate, 30% protein and the remainder can be compiled of fats. Use supplements if you can such as whey protein, essential fatty acids and multi-vitamins.

Ensure correct technique. Are you pressing correctly. Faulty technique can push the focus away from the pectoral muscle group and place you at a heightened risk of getting injured. Check that you are not constantly moving your feet up off the floor and that your grip is not too narrow or too broad, these are two mistakes that are easy to make.

By following the guidelines above you will be giving yourself the best chance to build muscle mass on your chest fast. Go get them!

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