How To Build More Chest Muscle Fast

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We have all viewed the gymnast, sportsmen, bodybuilder, athlete with the big muscular chest, with depth and impressive mass. It looks really impressive and is what many aspiring bodybuilders strive for. So how can you build muscle chest fast? Well, here are 7 sure fire ways to build muscle on your chest:

1) Well we all know that the bench-press is the king of chest exercises. That is certainly true, you can do declines and incline varieties also. Initially people generally progress well with this but the progress often slows down considerably. How about forgetting the bench press for a bit, there are a good deal of other chest exercises also. Try using tricep dips (be careful with your form), dumbbell flyes, regular push-ups, cable cross overs and so on. All of which provide slightly different stress on the chest muscle group which aids in keeping the muscle group guessing and in stimulating growth.

Variances of grip (narrow or wide) can be used with all of the previously mentioned exercises, plane of movement variances e.g. incline flyes and of course by using machines, barbells and dumbbell. Different stress is placed on the muscles each time by making use of all these different variables.

3) Ensure the chest muscles receive sufficient recovery time. If you do 5-7 sets for your chest very intensely then working out once every five days allows enough time for both growth, repair and rest to build muscle chest. Doing less and you put yourself at risk of over training and wasting your time.

4) Specific exercises are needed to hit specific muscles. Try adding swimming to your exercise regime, I’m sure you have not seen a good swimmer who did not have a good amount of chest muscle mass? Probably not, therefore give swimming a try both for a great cardio workout and to place new stress on the chest muscles. For a great chest muscle burn try swimming but not using your chest muscles.

5) Naturally decent muscle building nutrition needs to be maintained to support your chest muscle growth. Very quickly 5-6 small meals each day divided into approximately 30% protein 50% carbohydrate with the remainder drawn from fats should yield plenty of calories. Of course keep taking on water throughout the day.

6) You are not able to workout if you get injured and clearly your chest muscles get a lot of pressure from workouts. For this reason do some specific exercises for your rotator cuff muscle to prevent them from becoming injured. Lie face down on a bench with a shoulder relaxed and free off the edge. Swing the entire arm under complete control grasping a light dumb bell forward and backwards whilst nearly fully locked. Doing this helps to strengthen the delicate rotator cuff muscles.

7) Maintain focus and intensity in the gym. The intensity of your training sessions can be lessened immensely by simple distractions. Don’t get involved in idle chat with others, wear a head set if needs be to remain focused, move between exercises quickly and give your all to every rep!

By bearing the above tips in mind you too can posess a huge muscular chest!

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