How To Build Lean Muscle Mass

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When you start seriously lifting weights, building lean muscle should be first and foremost on your agenda. Our goal is to get bigger but not just get bigger for the sake of getting big. Don’t be a slave to the scale when you are trying to get bigger you will be defeating your goals if you are adding fat. What sense does it make to get big if, when you look in the mirror you can’t see your abs or any noticeable definition. Muscle confusion,nutrition, strength training and cardio will all play an important role in helping you to build lean muscle mass and you must begin to incorporate these into your training.

Four things you must understand when we are thinking about how to build lean muscle

Muscle Confusion
Begin using heavy weight and less rest to force your muscles to grow. Decrease your rest period to 30 seconds between sets, which will give you just enough time to recover to start another set. Keep your muscles confused by changing your rest times in between sets and they will respond by getting bigger. This type of confusion training will also help to burn unnecessary calories and help you to gain more lean muscle mass.

Strength Training
There are a lot of reasons why people lift weights; strength, size and a leaner muscular appearance. Strength training and fat burning go hand in hand and should be included in your overall weight lifting program. A core strength training routine must include working out the larger muscle groups. Building up your overall core strength is a direct result of working out these large muscle groups. It is crucial to work out the Legs, Back and Chest muscles by using compound exercises that target a big area and not only an individual muscle group.
This method of training will release a larger amount of hormones and utilize a larger portion of muscle fiber than just working out the smaller individual muscles and will also allow you to continue to burn calories long after the workout is done. It really is all about gaining strength and using a great strength training routine to take you to the next level.

Cardio Training
Don’t forget your cardio to help you build lean muscle mass and get a ripped physique. I know cardio can be boring and we always find a reason why we don’t have to do it but these are excuses that you must eliminate if you are going to meet your goals. While you are building muscle you want to be able to see that muscle but how can you see that muscle if you have a layer of fat hiding it? It’s the cardio training that will let you lose that layer of fat just below the skin. Begin your cardio training today!

Nutrition And Protein
Proper nutrition is a major part of building lean muscle and it is a good idea to eat only those foods that will help you achieve your goals. When we talk about bodybuilding nutrition we must talk about protein and consuming the right amount every day. The rule of thumb is to take in approximately 1 gram of protein for each pound of lean muscle mass. Beginning weight lifters can use the older method of calculating protein intake by using one gram of protein per one pound of total body weight. As you gain experience and are looking to really refine your protein supplement then you can use the newer more precise method of calculating protein intake.

If your goals are to build lean muscle mass then keeping these four things in mind will provide a great foundation to get you started and keep you on track.

Start to build lean muscle today or keep complaining about how you look. It is up to you how you look and feel.

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