How Can I Build Muscle Fast And Efficient?

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You may be under the impression that in order to build muscle fast, you must exercise and train intensely as often as you can. This in fact, is the wrong way to go about building up muscle quickly. You need to ensure that your training schedule is not overloaded; in this way you will see that you build muscle fast instead of staying in a stagnant position.

If you are planning your workouts for the week, it is important that you do not overload yourself. Plan to train for three or four days out of the week – less is certainly more in this circumstance. If you attempt to train for five to seven days, you will minimize your success rate at putting on muscle in a shorter period of time.

Once you have planned your three or four day workouts, you need to be aware that you should not train for any more than an hour at a time. It can be tempting to keep going but it will have a detrimental affect on you being able to build muscle fast. Similarly, do not do any more than eight to twelve repetitions in a set. Keep it steady and manageable. If you are pushing your rep count, then make sure that you take a break from training after three weeks to give your body a chance to recover.

Recovery time is vital if you want to build muscle fast. It is actually during the recovery period that your muscles develop. If you overtrain, you are not allowing your muscles to grow and you will not see the results that you were expecting. Maintain a good balance between your training sessions and the time you need to recover.

It is also vital that you watch what you are eating when you are trying to build muscle fast. There is no point in having the same diet as you did before you started training. The body needs extra nutrients and protein to be efficient at building up your muscle groups. Eating five or six smaller meals throughout the day is recommended, instead of the larger three meals per day that you may be used to. Make sure each smaller meal is rich in foods that contain protein such as chicken breast and eggs. Keep a daily amount of carbohydrates macronutrients and “good fats” in you everyday diet.

You can take supps to help provide your body with more protein. Whey powder and meal replacement powders are available, which would count as one of your five or six meals. There are many available on the market and it is recommended that you read buyer’s reviews to find out which ones are the best. You can have a protein shake as a meal; many people have one after a workout to help their body revitalise itself.

Believe it or not, the amount of sleep that you get each night can also have an effect in you being able to build muscle fast. If you do not get an adequate amount of sleep then this can mean that your energy levels are too low. When you then do a workout, it will not be as effective as it could have been. It varies from person to person but the recommended amount of sleep you should get each night is eight hours. If you’re seriously considering working to build muscle mass fast, It’s very crucial to make sure you get enough rest.


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