Home Workout to Flatten Abs – 10 Minutes to a Leaner You

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Who knew you could get a total home workout to flatten abs in just 10 minutes? An hour vs. 10 minutes of exercising daily – I will most certainly take the latter any day!

I didn’t buy into the hoopla when I first read about it. “If I give it a go, what is the worst that could happen,” I thought. To workout for 1/6 of the time you’re used to and STILL get the same results (or even better) seemed like a really good deal.

After doing it for a while, I am pleased to announce that it did work for me. How exactly did I perform the home workout to flatten abs in just 10 minutes? I’ll tell you how.

If you’re decided about getting six pack abs, then you should be prepared to try anything. I’m not suggesting you spend all your money on ab training equipment or ridiculously priced gym memberships. I’m not saying that at all.

This workout program may save you time and cash, but it will require you to work harder. Besides, no pain no gain, right?

First thing you need to remember is that you should perform your home workout to flatten abs directly before a meal. Why? Just as an automobile fresh out of a race, it will need to replenish its fuel supply.

As you would expect, our muscles, too, are in awful need of nourishment immediately after working out. As you appease your muscles’ “hunger” with food, you’re actually conditioning them to develop more mass. With a good amount of protein in your post-workout meals, you’ll ensure that your muscles are getting the sustenance they need.

For your actual workout, lie down on the floor and begin with 50 basic crunches. Do them faster than you normally would, but don’t hurt yourself.

Your home workout to flatten abs doesn’t stop there. Immediately after doing your crunches, do 25 leg raises before completing another set of 50 crunches. Midway through, I’m sure you’ll start to feel your muscles burning – and trust me, that’s a GOOD THING.

Don’t quit just yet because there’s still plenty of time left over for 50 reps of bicycle exercises. That makes 25 for each side crunch and knee-bend combination. End your workout with 50 more crunches and then you can call it a day.

The simple truth about six pack abs is this: I know it can be a little intense at first, but if you think about the time you’re going to save everyday, you’ll start to feel it’s all worth it. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, your home workout to flatten abs will become easy. Make the most out of of your 10-minute workout and reap the benefits in no time.

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