History of the Muscle Building Nutritional Supplement

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People often ridicule what they do not fully understand, therefore certain products sometimes do not gain any respect. The lack of respect can come from people who have no knowledge of the subject in question. When the newspaper, radio, tv and other forms of media get hold of this misinformation on a certain subject it can help form the opinions and of others, even before they have tried the subject in hand themselves.

There is a history behind the natural bodybuilding nutritional supplement. It is not fully understood why there is so skepticism behind the protein bar where the body building nutritional supplement is concerned. However if you look at the general history of food and eating habits in the USA, you start to be able to piece together the reason why there is a misguided mistrust where the protein bars and the essential bodybuilding supplement products are concerned.

There was a revelation in the 1960’s and the 1970’s of processed food. This then proceeded to change the way we all ate and this was not a change for the better in any case. Every now and again a new amazing product would come on the shelves telling people it did something that it didn't, a product pretending to be something it certainly was not. One of these products that has helped the reputation of the protein bar was a drink called 'Tang'. This drink and the protein bars have been linked as similar products, which in fact they are not.

'Tang' was marketed as a very healthy, orange powdered drink and with celebrity endorsements such as the famous Buzz Aldrin, sales went literally through the roof. ‘Tang’ was actually used by the astronauts when they flew on space missions. This also helped the sales shoot up and keep going. However unfortunately for ‘Tang’, it was found to be a processed drink that was full of nothing but sugar and had no such nutritional value that it claimed it had. Sales started to plummet back to earth with a bump. Since this was classed as a nutritional supplement in sorts, then it gave the rest of the actual nutritional supplements a bad name and a bad reputation.

Remember though that there are some protein bars that are actually full of sugar, these must be avoided at all costs, unless you want to gain weight at a rapid rate. So take care when choosing a protein bar and a bodybuilding supplement and make sure your going for a low sugar variety.

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