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When starting out most people just want to get in shape and before they know it they begin to have more questions about how do I get ripped.  At this time in our world, we see and hear more and more about the need for diet and exercise and many people are taking the hint and are getting on the workout bandwagon.  However, once results start showing, simply getting in shape isn’t good enough anymore.  The next thing people starting looking for is how to get ripped.

Thirteen Percent Body Fat Is All You Need

Getting ripped means having just thirteen percent body fat though doctors might define this figure at between fourteen and twenty percent. No matter, here are a few tips to understand on how to get ripped:

First off, you have to pay special attention to your diet.  Actually, you have to be very careful about nutrition and so you want strive to only consume the amount of calories that is about 10 times the amount of your goal or ideal body weight.  For example, if your weight goal is 180 pounds, you want to consume about 1800 calories worth of food on a daily basis.

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A good way to ensure effectiveness is to follow up with a minimum of 3 workouts a week as well as completing some cardio on alternating days.  This will have you exercising at least five days out of every seven.  There is no harm in taking the weekends off although then you have to make sure not to miss your work outs during the rest of the week.  This is important in order to be sure you are maintaining discipline and approaching how to get ripped in the right way.

Adequate rest in the form of a minimum of six hours of sleep each night is essential to learning how to get ripped. This means you must maintain a regular schedule of rest and workout times and also avoid overworking as that can lead to getting injured.

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Finally, learning how to get ripped requires understanding the importance of vitamins.  Another important component to learning how to get ripped is consuming protein filled shakes.  It is not a good idea to try any other kind of supplements while at the same time consuming multi-vitamins.  As you may already know, many of these products will make extraordinary promises of great results really quickly.  The truth is in order to get ripped you must make a dedicated commitment to doing the work and eating right.  Therefore, be sure your choice of protein and vitamins are appropriate to work in tandem and don’t supplement with anything else.

These pieces of information about how to get ripped will help you create a healthier lifestyle by showing you the proper ways to eat and workout regularly!

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