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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your own personal gym in your living room? The ideal gym is one that folds up and stores in a closet, naturally. That’s what many people think when they buy machines like the PRO-FORM Abs bench. Unlike Bowflex, this little apparatus offers 3-in-1 shaping (forward, backward and twisting), without the bulkiness of a gigantic machine. It can be hard to get that perfect ab stretch when you’re lying on the floor, so a bench promises to make it more comfortable for your daily routine.

There aren’t many reviews for this abdominal muscle exercise bench, but there are a few positive remarks to be found. Renee from Tennessee suggests one of the benefits of the PRO-FORM Abs machine is that “it’s much more comfortable than doing crunches on the floor.” As a college student, she says it’s also easy to fold up and store in her apartment, although her roommates often find it and use it too. Judy from New Mexico agrees that she likes the lightweight portability of her bench, although she says the Tony Little Ab Lounge is still her favorite workout bench. Users ranked the construction as “sturdy and durable” as well.

Some people will just never warm up to the idea of purchasing a PRO-FORM Abs machine. They wonder why bother waste money on a machine, when they can lie on a floor mat and achieve basically the same results. Fold up or not, they don’t need “another piece of junk” around the house. However, other people find that assistive devices can take some of the strain off a delicate back or neck. The average consumer sometimes has a hard time figuring out how to position him or herself on an exercise machine, but the DVD should help.

With your machine, you will receive a workout DVD, nutrition guide and a chart of exercises. There are several other accessories you may buy with your PRO-FORM Abs machine. The “PowerFlex” is a home training kit that comes with ab and core straps, a multi-training door attachment and rotating push up stands. The .99 “Total-Body Resistance Kit” comes with a light, medium and heavy resistance band, as well as an instructional guidebook, to help you strengthen your muscles using weights. The .99 “floor mat” may be a nice addition to put between your back and the spine of your PRO-FORM machine if you find it a little uncomfortable.

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