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Sleek, six pack abdominals are one of the sexiest features on both men and women. Millions of people diet and exercise to get muscle definition, but many fall short of their goal. Why? It may be that they’re not doing exercises that properly target their core. In this article we’ll discuss some very easy six pack exercises that will give you a great tummy in just fifteen minutes a day.

The key to an effective six pack abs workout is to choose exercises that fatigue your ab muscles, so that they actually need recovery time. Include some exercises that use the abs functionally; in other words, the way they’re used in real life. For example, abdominals are used to stabilize the body. Feel this function by holding a push-up position without letting your belly sag. Don’t do the push-up – just keep holding the position and feel your abs stretch and contract to stabilize your body. As you become stronger, put your feet up on a weight bench or a stability ball.

Many people are now using exercise balls to get stronger, leaner and flat abs. This is an exercise for people at a more advanced fitness level. Using a large exercise ball, begin in a push-up position and place your shins on top of the exercise ball. Keep your back completely straight and pull your knees in towards your chest. Allow the ball to roll forward under your ankles. Be sure to contract your abs at the peak of the movement and then straighten your legs, rolling the ball back to the starting position. You’ll feel the burn after just a few reps.

Adding weights to your exercise and fitness routine will give you faster results. If you don’t have dumbbells at home, then you can also use a book, a bag of flour, or a large bottle of water. Position the weighted object either over your chest or on your forehead and keep it steady with your hands. Perform the exercises as you would if you were not using a weight. This is also handy for a quick workout at the office. Side bends are a very effective exercise for getting six pack abdominals. Hold a book or water bottle with both hands and stretch it up over your head while keeping your arms straight. Gently bend towards the left as far as you can and contract your ab muscles. Come back to center and repeat the motion to the right. Bending to the right and left counts as one rep. 10 reps will put you on the road to getting rid of that hard to lose tummy fat.

Regardless of your fitness level, strengthening your stomach muscles has a lot of benefits. A strong core can decrease your risk of developing heart diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. This is because by working your abs you are burning body fat, and the less of it there is means that you have a lower chance of developing these diseases. A strong midsection also reduces your chances of being injured during sports or when doing heavy lifting. You don’t necessarily have to have six pack abdominals worthy of a fitness magazine, but a strong core will definitely make you feel better.

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