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‘Why am I not getting any bigger?’ is one of the most frequently asked questions around the world by bodybuilders. After all you are training hard, with good muscle building nutrition in your diet, yet your gains are still minimal. The feeling of frustration can be extremely demotivating after so many months of hardwork. So, what exactly is the answer? Well, there are a few likely causes, see if any of these ring a bell with you, together they show you how to build muscle up:

1) Are you consuming enough calories? Many hardgainers are simply under eaters. As this really is a massive cause of lack of muscle mass. Eating lots and often is the key to weight gain in bodybuilding! Eating every two hours is a good guideline and will enable you to take on board as many calories as possible. Make sure you snack lots on food such as: dried fruit and nuts, yoghurt, cottage cheese,  cereal and milk, protein bars, fresh fruit, and protein shakes, etc

2) Are you getting enough protein? To build muscle mass fast you should aim for 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight daily. Excellent protein sources include: chicken, fish, turkey as well as dairy products. As you want to bulk up do not by the low fat variety for every product you need the excess calories. of course you require decent quality calories but you can do a ripping stage at a later date to remove excess body fat. making use of whey protein shakes is an excellent way to increase your protein intake, the larger tubs of course are normally better value of money.

3) Have your routines ceased to be useful? If you can dictate out loud your session off the cuff then that likely means you have been using the same workout for a decent length of time already. If you are not provoking your body to grow in new and different ways then it simply is not going to grow. Trying playing around with things like drop sets, partials, negatives, aided lifts and such like. You can even just reverse the order of your routine and see what difference that makes, how about 10 sets of 10 reps to failure on just one major exercise such as the bench press (get ready to be sore!) or even allow yourself a week off from working out and let your body totally recover. Make sure you use any of the endless variations that are possible.

4) Are you getting enough down time? Did you ever see anyone walk into a fitness centre workout and then come out having put on half a stone of muscle? Never. Clearly then you build muscle mass when you are at home and not when you are lifting barbells. You will certainly be limiting your muscle growth if you are not getting enough rest time. If anything you ought to be giving yourself too much time to grow rather than too little. Try dropping to working a muscle group just once a week. Also reducing the number of sets per body part, how about a maximum of 3-5 really intense sets per body part per workout. Think that is not nearly enough, give them a go and see what happens!

5) Is your water intake high enough? You will limit your progress if you don’t get an adequate supply of water. To build muscle mass copious amount of water is required. Always carry a water bottle with you and use it frequently.

So the original question: ‘Why am I not getting bigger?’ as you can tell certainly has more than one response. After viewing the guidelines above don’t forget them, try and make the necessary changes today. If you are not meeting just one of the above points then you may well have found the reason for your limited growth. Some alterations are needed if any of these points are not being properly dealt with. Certainly there are a huge variety of reasons why you aren’t building muscle mass fast but they are the typical probelms. Now go hit the gym and gain some weight!

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