Growth Hormone Side Effects

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HGH therapy has been subjected to extensive research and the findings are incredible. The news has excited the public, leading to publication in influential journals like the New England Journal of Medicine.

Some of the beneficial effects reported in this research include an eight% increase in muscle mass, weight loss with no exercise, and a mean 4.4% fat loss.. Also reported was a loss of cellulite, wrinkle reduction, younger looking skin, enhanced brain function, improved vision, deeper sleep, decreased blood pressure, better cholesterol levels, increased heart function and many other health benefits.
Large amounts of money and thousands of man hours have been devoted to different efforts by large pharmaceutical manufacturers seeking to find products that give at least of these benefits. Now that you know that there is a product on the market that combines so many of these great benefits into one incredible substance, you will of course start to think about what the downside of this product could be.

When you take large amounts of any hormone you can experience negative side effects. Taken in abusive dosages there may be some extremely alarming hgh side effects. Genetics vary greatly between individuals and affect how each person reacts to the same hormone dosages substantially.

The most extreme HGH side effects have been observed in body builders and athletes who have in all likelihood taken extremely large dosages over long periods of time. Cases such as these have been known to produce unusual growths with unnaturally large bones being one characteristic. Time has shown there is a possibility of heart damage, irregular cardiac rhythms, and joint and facial deformities from prolonged usage.

Most documented hgh side effects have been caused by over use of the drug. Strictly following the dosage prescribed by your physician and by limiting the time the hormone is used can greatly reduce the unwanted side effects of HGH. The chance of reactions can be reduced by injecting a smaller dosage.

In some of the initial studies there have been a few documented cases of patients who suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome, and a condition of enlarged breasts called gynecomastia. Other side effects that have been recorded are hypertension, swollen joints and chronic joint pain, increased hair growth, and edema.

Stress to the liver and even liver damage can take place when it has to process huge amounts of the synthetic forms of HGH in the blood.There is a major risk that your pituitary gland will produce a smaller quantity of natural human growth hormone. In some situations the pituitary gland could entirely cease releasing any hgh.

An individual needs to look at the benefits and side effects to determine if HGH therapy is for them. Knowing all the dangers and studying the various alternatives are important to making an informed choice.

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