Getting Muscles While Having a Fast Metabolic Rate

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If you’re naturally thin, then developing muscle mass will be more difficult for you.

There are a number of workouts suggested for people with high metabolic rates, however the most important thing is not to lift too much weight or otherwise risk overtraining.

Excessive training is more likely to detract from improvements rather than the opposite. If you feel that you are overtraining (look out for loss of sleep, loss of appetite, unexplained fatigue, unintended weight loss, and very slow or non-existent gains in poundage), then you need to cut back on your training schedule.

A one hour workout or more is less likely to be effective as this may be considered as overtraining.

The best exercises to get you from skinny to muscular will be full body, bodyweight exercises to start with. These will give you strength and coordination and burn fat. The same goes for weight lifting exercises. The big compound exercises, where you are moving 2 or more joints to complete the movement. Examples would be:

* Clean & Jerks
* Squats
* Deadlifts
* Squat Presses
* Bench Press (flat, incline, decline)
* Dips
* Pull ups – Chin ups
* Military press

I would forego the isolation exercises in the beginning. Later on you can add a few in at the end of a workout, if you have time left over. These would be exercises that tend to require one joint to complete the movement. Such as:

* Bicep curls
* Tricep extensions
* leg curs
* Leg extensions

The exception to this rule would be calf raises, I would recommend you do these on your leg day, if you are doing a split routine.

So, how do you design a workout routine to get you from skinny to muscular? I would say, why reinvent the wheel? Cut loose with a couple of bucks and get a proven program that will teach you.

Stick to the routine and be the best student possible. As you learn you will be able to make modifications that will work for you, but initially, I would follow the program exactly.
Vince Delmonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building system specializes in taking skinny guys and teaching them how to train and eat to put on weight and become muscular. Vince was that skinny kid, so he’s able to walk the walk and talk the talk. He’s got a proven record and thousands of satisfied customers.

If you really want a change from a thin physique to well developed muscles, a combination of commitment and perseverance is vital. Your diet will be number one. Calorie consumption would have to be increased just enough accommodate your objectives; this can be done through a specially designed diet for your body type. The diet will have to take into consideration the proper proportion of protein, carbohydrates and fat.

If you can’t develop one yourself, try visiting some of my best of nutrition sites and try adapting a diet program that would work best for you.

This is not guess work and to be successful it needs to be done correctly and followed at least 90% of the time.

Or if you want the easiest way just click straight over to Empowered Nutrition’s Done-For-You-Meal Plans.

Why make this any more difficult that it already is, get and use the knowledge that these products give you to get what you want. Know that the guys who developed these products have already made the mistakes and they will save you time and money not making the same ones.

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