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Does high school bring up bad memories for you? You were the skinny wimpy kid and teased often.  You were intimidated by the sports jocks who had the big muscles and had all the hottest cheerleaders.You disliked those jocks but yet you wanted what they had.  Since then, you have spent several hours in the gym each day trying to get that look and you are not as successful as they were.Can you figure out what you are doing wrong? You work out all the time but yet you don't look like what you see on the magazine cover.  There is a little bit more to it.  Learn how to get ripped big muscles and get all the hot cheerleaders who grew up into hot corporate executives. 

There are not as many ripped muscle building secrets as the muscle and fitness magazines would have you believe.  There are some new techniques that you can learn but for the most part those magazines want to sell you a bunch of muscle growth supplements because they are owned by the companies that make the supplements. So you are not getting totally unbiased advice. 

If you want the best weight training workouts, you are going to have to stay away from the magazines that are subsidized by advertising.You are left with books, video courses, and training courses that don't come filled with a hundred pages of muscle supplement ads.You can find a program like No Nonsense Muscle Building and get results in 3 hours per week not 3 hours per day.  Compare that to some of the muscle building programs that require 1-3 hours per day.  No one has time for that. 

There are other programs out there like the Truth About Six Pack Abs where you can get the high intensity workout plans that get you working out and back to your life in under an hour.The results will come in a few weeks working out 3 hours per day.  My advice would be to try one of these programs so you can start getting ripped and more respect instead of giggles and laughs when you take off your shirt.

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