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While  really working out hard to produce impressive chest muscles, many people make the same mistake of giving very little consideration to building their back muscles. Over time this can cause serious back problems. Your back muscles are crucial for stability. If you have a huge chest, the weight and strain of maintaining steadiness is exerted directly on your back, which is why it’s extremely important to develop your back muscles together with the rest of your upper body.

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Given that most people build muscles for sporting that sexy attitude, it is the chest and biceps development that they are worried about and in the process disregard their back muscles.

You will find out in this episode how to build outstanding back muscles with some uncomplicated but very helpful exercises.

Pull Downs

Your lat muscles get instant changes with behind the neck pull downs. Seat yourself straight on a bench that faces the machine. Take hold of the lat bar with both hands stretched wide apart. Then pull the bar at the back of your neck until it comes to shoulder level. Constrict your lat muscles to get the most out of the exercise and repeat.

The Plank

The plank facilitates wonderful work outs to your back muscles and rest of the core area. To get started with this exercise , take up the pose of a regular push-up with your palm and elbow resting on the floor, and elbow in line with your chin. Place your upper body weight to the elbows and the lower body weight to the balls on your feet. Hold that pose as long as you can and then release. When your body gets used to this exercise, start to increase the amount of time  that you hold that position.

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Dumbbell Rows

The dumbbell row is one of the best back exercises and one of the simplest ones to practice. Place your left knee on a bench and your right foot on the ground, with your back bent parallel towards the floor. With your left hand, reach out to the dumbbell lying on the ground while tightly holding your right hand onto the bench. Try your best to assume a kneeling posture. Now grab the dumbbell and try to use your lat and elbow muscles to lift the weight slowly to your side. Continue the process as required.

Bent Over Barbell Rows

The bent over barbell rows method is an incredible way to build your back muscles. To perform this work out, put the barbell on the floor in front of you. With a bit of arched back and somewhat bent knees, get steady, and then reach out for the barbell. Grasp the barbell, and your legs should be inside your arms. Next pull the barbell upwards into your stomach, using your back to do most of the pick up.  Do it again after an interval of a deep breath.

When performing this exercise, it’s imperative that you don’t try to lift too much weight. You might end up with a bad back. It’s also extremely important to perform this work out correctly if you want to avoid injury.

Pull-Ups And Chin-Ups

One of the most consistent ways to develop and determine the strength of your back muscles is through Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups. Having been by and large taught in the high school, this exercise might be quite common to you.

What you have to do is to lift yourself up to the overhead bar until your chin crosses the bar. This exercise makes use of your own bodyweight to develop muscle, and it doesn’t entail any fancy equipment to act upon.

By utilizing these exercises, you can develop back muscles that will boost your overall looks, strength and increase your likelihood of back problems in the future. A powerfully built and strong back is an asset of  a smart weightlifter!

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