Gaining Muscle With These 5 Rules

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The theory behind gaining muscle is a pretty simple one. Training prepares your muscle to grow. Give yourself the time to get big. You must feed your body healthy food, your body will use this to help your muscles grow. It’s as easy as that.

The problem is that very few people follow this plan the way it should be followed. So here are 5 rules that are guaranteed to pack on the muscle. Stick to these rules and you can’t go wrong.

Rule 1.

Try to go as heavy as you possibly can. Be strict and make sure your form is good. Only use enough weight that is going to be safe for you. Leave your ego at home. If the weight is hard for you , then everythings great.

Rule 2.

Don’t bother with the exercises which only target a couple of muscles. Don’t waste your time and energy on doing exercises which are not going to benefit you. You want to be using exercises that target numerous areas of your body. A good exercise which works your whole body is the deadlift. Train using the large exercises.

Rule 3.

Always train with progression, meaning always do a bit more than your previous workout. You need to keep doing more to get the muscle built up. You will have improved even if you just do one rep than the previous workout. The more that you improve, the bigger you will get.

Rule 4.

Eat more healthier foods. Your body needs to have the right fuel to be able to build muscle. Your body cannot create  muscle out of junk food. Eat plenty of lean protein. Get lots of fresh vegetables. Try eating more fish. Try not to go longer than 4 hours with eating.

Rule 5.

Rest as much as you can. Your body needs this rest to build up the muscle in your body. For your body to do it’s job, so don’t train too often. You want your body to be focused on using it’s resources to build muscle. Try not to waste your energy by doing other things. If you want to swim, be a swimmer. In order to build size you can’t neglet recovery periods.

This is all it takes! If you stick these 5 rules you will be able to build your muscle up in no time. It’s easy when you think about it, stick to a exercise plan and you will gain muscle.

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