Forearm and Wrist Strengthening Exercises To Prevent Injury!

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Forearm and Wrist Strengthening Exercises ~ Prevent Injury!

As you have probably seen others with experience your always start your muscles slowly with a little warm up to prevent injury. Don’t overwork them right out the gate. Your injury will delay your progress tremendously and not worth delaying your road to more fit, healthy and strong body. You can get your muscle growth started at a safe and injury free pace by starting with only one forearm and one wrist strengthening exercise per workout routine day. It is usually reasonable to begin with two sets of any of the 5 exercises listed below with 10 reps per set. Once you have completed your first week review your success and begin to gradually increase.

            Forearm and Wrist Strengthening Exercises

                             ~ THE HAND GRIPPER 

No surprise here that this exercise develops grip strength. Need to crush something or twist open a jar? Then this is for you. Don’t let the simplicity of this exercise fool you; it’s going to be hard to accomplish more than a few reps if you’re a beginner.
To perform this exercise:
Hold the hand gripper with one hand lightly when you begin. Then squeeze until the hand gripper’s handles touch or nearly touch, then release your grip.

Cable Machine Wrist Strengthening Exercises (Wrist Curls) 

Connect a cable stir-up attachment to a low pulley cable, work one wrist at a time, if you want to work both forearms, you can attach a straight bar. When used in a controlled environment this forearm exercise is one of the best used to gain muscle in that area. Work by kneeling over a bench, having your forearms resting on the bench, to help isolate the wrist muscles, grasp the cable attachment with your palms facing down.

Keep your forearms in contact with the bench while you smoothly and slowly raise and lower the weight.

Your wrist should be close to the edge of the bench while your forearms also keep contact with the bench.

these forearm and wrist straightening exercises can be performed in a standing position ~ keep your hands pulled in close to your body at waist level.

                  REVERSE WRIST CURLS

These work the bottom side of the forearm and wrist muscles. This is similar to doing wrist curls.

To perform this exercise:
o In a sitting position, rest forearms on the tops of your thighs. (For greater stability, kneel in front of a bench and rest your forearms on it.)
Keep your wrist resting on the bench or your knees. Dumbbells are held with palms facing upward.
o Lift up the weight, moving only your wrists.
o Lower weights to the starting position.     

           Wrist Strengthening Exercises ~ WRIST CURLS 

These work the top side of the forearm and the wrist muscles. You should always try to prevent injury by using light to moderate weights and refrain from overstretching.
To perform this exercise:
o In a sitting position, rest forearms on the tops of your thighs. (For greater stability, kneel in front of a bench and rest your forearms on it.)
o Wrists should rest on the knees (or a flat bench). Dumbbells are held with palms facing downward.
o Lift up the weight, moving only your wrists.
As you return to the starting position slowly lower your weights.

                         HANGING WEIGHT ROLL-UP 

You will really feel ‘the burn’ with this exercise. As a beginner, one set may be all you’re able to do.
To perform this exercise:
o Tie one end of a rope (at least five feet long) around a light-to-moderate weight dumbbell or plate.
o Tie the other end to the mid part of a sturdy stick (about two feet lengthwise) or your stripped-down dumbbell. Even a steel pipe can be used.
o Holding the stick or pipe in both hands, use a back-and-forth wrist twisting motion to wind up the hanging rope.
o Unwind the rope and repeat (if you’re able).


Used for building biceps and for building forearm muscularity.
To carry out this exercise:
o Standing, grasp your dumbbells or barbell in an overhand position.
o Arms should hang down in front of your body with elbows firmly at your sides.
o Lift up the weight, keeping your upper arms stationary.
o Lower your weights to the starting position.

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