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A gym might seem like a foreign country for the inexperienced person, where a strange and unfamiliar language is being spoken. You don’t know what to do and how to do it or you would rather train alone. This is possible and not so hard as it might seem. You can read blow some ideas that can help you burn the fat and feed the muscle.

Incomplete sets – To intensify your trainings you can do 2 -3 partial repetitions until the end of the set, which helps in the accumulation of the lactic acid needed for an intense muscular increase.

Repeating an exercise even when you are tired – Consists in executing a few supplementary repetitions, after you feel tired. It’s important to have someone besides you while doing these repetitive sets, to make sure he can help you when you are no longer able to lift the weights.

Very slow exercises – It is based on the slow execution of basic exercise parts, that should last from half a minute to one minute.

Cheating the body – This principle permits the use of the fitness weight to finish a repetition that might seem impossible. You will be able to overcome exhaustion and to continue the session, leaving room for bigger and stronger muscles.

The law of non-interrupted pressure – This principle is based on a continuous muscular pressure during the entire time you exercise.

Contracting upper parts of muscles – This is a good way to go through repetitive exercises that solicit certain muscles, and to focus the muscle contraction on the upper parts.

The principle of weight pyramids – This principle means that during a training day you have to alternatively shift weights, from heavy to small and the other way around.

The principle of speed training – By this we must understand that the speed of lifting and taking down weights should vary from very fast to very slow.

The principle of muscular confusion – It means that we must try to alternate exercises in a non repetitive way, so that our muscle groups do not “learn” a pattern they have to follow, a thing clearly understood if you read the 7 minute muscle review.

The principle of overloading – It means that the weights are progressively increased and the number of weekly training session is also increased. If you increase the weights, you can still train for the same period of time and achieve positive results.

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