Exercises To Tone Your Abs

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How to get a six pack and what are the best exercises to get good abs, are very common questions. It is hard to tell which is the best ab exercise given the variety of the workout suggestions, not to mention that efficiency results from complex circumstances. Besides the individual factors influence efficiency, there are also many incorrect training leads, performance mistakes and false myths that are responsible for the failure of an ab exercise. Belly fat does not burn from abdominal workout; strong abs merely support the spine and improve health.

A good ab exercise to get muscular abs is the bicycle because it moves the abdominal muscles and the obliques at the waist into action. Lie on the back, put your hands behind the head, lift the knees towards the chest, and start cycling. The shoulder blades should be off the ground while you move the legs as you would on a bicycle. The pedaling motion should be carried out in 12 or 16 reps depending on the personal resistance to the effort.

Muscular toning by ab exercise routine is strenuous and it takes time, and there is no spectacular weight loss coming from it. It is a good idea to do other full-body exercises meant to reduce weight, such as cardio or aerobics, and use any type of ab exercise as a way to complete the training and define the muscles. One thing is for sure, ab workout requires technique, good shape and great routines. Muscles grow best when exercises are performed the right way.

To be more specific, you could impair the health condition with an incorrect exercise performance. Neck strains, back and shoulder injuries may appear when you crunch or sit up the wrong way. If at the end of the session you experience discomfort or pain in the neck, then, you are making a mistake that needs to be corrected as soon as possible. Talk to a personal trainer and ask him/her to show you how to work correctly for developing great abs.

The same suggestion is valid for any other ab exercise, besides the classical sit ups or crunches. After all, that’s the truth about six pack abs and the whole purpose of coaching: to help people train with maximum of benefits and minimum of risks. The coaching part should actually precede and accompany the training, so that the safety level is at the highest. Fitness and health therefore go hand in hand!

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