Exercises to shape and tone the Shoulders

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From a male point of view a great indicator of strength has always been related to the size of the shoulders.. Possessing large broad shoulders can give a image of power and is probably the first muscle group to be noticed.With this in mind the shoulder exercises tend to get a lot of attention in the gym which can make the shoulders vulnerable to injury..  To reduce this risk of injury I would advise to warm up the shoulders extensively before any workout and to not overdo the amount of overhead presses in your routine. It is very easy to carried away and injure your shoulder (as I have found on a few occasions) and this can limit your ability to work your whole upper body.

So keeping that in mind for big shoulders or if just need to shape and tone then in my opinion are the 4 best:

Standing Dumbbell Overhead Press – This is one of the most frequently practiced exercises for shoulders. To begin, you will need to stand with your feet again set at hip length. As you ensure that your elbows are crooked, gently lift your arms until the dumbbells are at your ear . A good strategy is to inhale as your lower the weights whilst exhaling as your lift them over your head.Above all ensure that your posture is kept firm and straight during the exercise.

Lateral Raise – Start this exercise by standing with your feet set apart by hip width. With a dumbbell of reasonable weight in each hand, you will slowly raise each of the weights out to your sides. Remember to keep a slight bend in your arm at the elbow. Lower your arms just as gently, pause and the repeat the process again.
Front Raise – This is potentially one of the most challenging exercises for shoulders, and should be practiced with a lighter weight. To start, you will need to set your feet at hips length whilst holding a dumbbell in each of your hands. Whilst still maintaining a grip on your dumbbells, raise your arms until your shoulder level is reached and then do a one count. Slowly lower, and inhale.

 Reverse Fly – The reverse fly targets the rear of the deltoid and again should be approached with caution.. I prefer to perform this on a adjustable bench set to a 60-degree incline position..Get a pair of light dumbbells and lie chest down on the bench.. From this position raise the dumbbells up and out to the side.. From an elevated position your body should form a letter Y pattern. Looking from above your position your arms and body should form a Y shape. As you raise the weights, your shoulder blades should come together.. Along with the rear deltoid muscles this exercise works your rhomboids and the middle section of your traps..  

A shoulder workout should include exercises for all 3 muscles in the deltoid to get a balanced appearance and lessen the risk of injury. With regard to reps and sets stick with a routine that you can perform safely with proper technique. If good form cannot be maintained then lighten the weight.

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