Exercise for Detoxification

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A little known benefit of aerobic exercise is that aerobic exercise helps detoxify the body. Aerobic exercise encourages sweating and sweating helps toxins inside the body exit through the skin. Most people don’t know it, but the body is supposed to be eliminating two pounds of toxins each day, just through the skin. Aerobic exercise is needed to make this happen and it’s important that the skin is able to breathe properly to release those toxins, which can be easily accomplished by regular dry skin brushing.

Skin brushing is a simple technique where the skin all over the body is brushed daily, in the direction of the heart, to remove any dead skin so the skin can breathe freely. Dry skin brushing compounds the benefits of aerobic exercise by making sure that the toxins wanting to leave the body in the sweat can actually make it out the body.

In addition to helping the body remove toxins through sweating, aerobic exercise also stimulates the lymphatic system, which is a key detoxification pathway. The lymph is similar to blood, and it brings nutrients to our cells and removes cellular waste. However, unlike other the blood which has the heart as a pump, the lymphatic system requires movement and exercise, particularly aerobic exercise, to function properly. Movement through aerobic exercise encourages the movement of the lymph and prevents it from becoming stagnant. It also encourages the removal of waste from our cells. Just like water easily becomes polluted when stagnant, so also does our lymph.

Old lymph, and its accumulated waste from the cells, is deposited in the colon for removal from the body. Therefore, to get the most detoxification from aerobic exercise, you can also do colon cleansing to ensure that old toxic lymph and cellular waste leaves your body. Since many problems in the body are initially caused by a dirty colon, colon cleansing can also be an important detoxification step – one that can be just as important as regularly exercising aerobically.

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