Does Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Works Or Just Hype?

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Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle is a compilation of detailed information that is meant to teach individuals about all the aspects of losing weight while you feed the muscle. It contains Three Hundred and Forty pages of rock solid information on health and fitness, muscle building and dietary intake. In fact, BFFM has a self-description of being a “fat loss bible” and has been praised by many as probably the greatest fitness book ever made.

Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle ebook was written by Tom Venuto, who is also a famous bodybuilder. Tom took an interest in bodybuilding since 1983 and participated in various bodybuilding competitions since 1989. Being a respected fat loss expert, personal trainer, writer and a nutritionist for 20 years and a natural bodybuilder, he did not just come up with another weight loss program into an overly saturated market. Tom dedicated his entire life towards bodybuilding and He has seen featuring in popular media, including the Olympian’s News in Italy.

Tom devoted an entire chapter called “How To set Powerful Compelling Goals that Will Propel You Forward and Charge You Up With Unstoppable Motivation.” In fact it has nothing to do with diets, training routine or supplements. Setting goals is important if achieving heathly fitness is your primary goal. Tom took away any complexity you have associated with fitness goal, and gave you a plan that everyone can use. With so many hypes around different types of muscle building products entering the market, you need to arm yourself with knowledge first before making a purchase and getting the best bang for your buck. This is also intended to help you decide whether the fat burning ebook is the right choice for you.

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Right at the outset, Tom emphasizes few important principles on which the ebook is based upon. Among these principles are the reminders that there are no quick fixes towards weight loss. In fact, Tom made it clear that “weight loss program” is different from a “fat loss program” and went on to show you that it’s fat that you must lose, not “weight”.

Besides giving you information on which food you should and shouldn’t eat, Tom also emphasise on the importance of proper intake of solids and liquids. Here he touches on some alternative foods which may just happens to be your favourites, but not necessary helping you burn more fat.

He even added an actual meal plans to help make meal preparation easier for you. Not only were you shown how to eat properly, Tom took away any misconceptions you have with most diet supplements and advice you on those that are beneficial for your health. Finally, the book comes with exercise guidelines which emphasize on both cardio and weight training. In fact Cardio is promoted as a perfect complement to proper diet and is geared towards burning unwanted fats.

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Another aspect about the ebook that makes it so attractive to most individuals is that it does not restrict you to any particular diet. It advices you to cut out carbohydrates or eat only proteins. Instead it gives you information that will help you balance your daily intake of good fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

Although BFFM was written by a bodybuilder, it is not restricted to those who want to bulk up. The concepts work even for those who just want to tone up their muscles a bit and generally look better than they currently do. Even those who just want to learn more about fitness and health will benefit from this book. The ebook was written in a style that is very easy to read and does an excellent job in teaching you to think right, eat right and exercise properly in order to drop the unwanted weight and keep it off.

At first, I was cynical about Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle as I have previously seen lots of “miracle weight loss” program come and go all the time. But now, I am really pleased that I discover this book.

If there’s any criticism to the Burn The Fat ebook, will be towards the overload of information any newbie could handle. One may find it overwhelming and get eventually get sidetracked by other, simpler weight loss methods. Those who consider it a bit too much to take at once often find themselves in a “paralysis by analysis” situation whereby they end up reading the book but not taking any concrete action. I was in a similar situation but my persistence pays off and I was able to finish the entire ebook in 4 days. You probably could finish in a day or two.

The ebook may not be suitable to people looking for a quick fix to fat loss and definitely not for someone who are impatient to rush into complexities of a personal fitness plan. Perhaps, if you are sick and tired of going nowhere with your fat loss strategy and prepared to put in the hard yard of changing your lifestyle to get a fat free body, then this may just be the greatest investment you ever made in your life.

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