Do Ab Cruncher Machines Work?

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It is common to see adverts for abdominal cruncher machines on television or in magazines, but do they actually work? Yes and no is the answer to that. I know this is not particularly helpful but let me explain further. This is the key on how to get ripped abs fast. These appliances exercise and work the layers of ab muscles. With these machines you can work the various parts of the ab muscles. Hopefully, after working out with these machines the abdominal muscles will hypertrophy, or increase in size. Using these machines alone is unlikely to produce a lovely set of lean, rippling abs. The reason being is that in order to get ripped abs you need to get rid of that layer of fat tissue that overlays the abs. Programs such as fatloss4idiots work on these ideas.

Using these crunchers alone will not get rid of this layer of fat focally over the abdominal muscles. Doing lots of sit ups will not burn this fat layer off for the very same reason. Reducing the body fat content globally over the whole of the body by burning calories and reducing calorie intake is, really, the only way this is going to be achieved.

Aerobic exercises are great at burning excess calories and are a good idea to add into your program. Exercises, such as squats that utilise the large quadriceps muscles which just burn up calories. The quads are the big thigh muscles located at the top of the legs. A good exercise to stimulate the quads is squats. Due to the fact that they produce so much heat and burn a huge amount of calories means they are great to help weight loss. They also stimulate the body’s natural growth hormone secretion thereby encouraging muscle growth which is good for building those abdominal muscles. Aerobic exercises include cycling, running and rowing. For burning fat it is best to do these exercises over a longer duration of time. If you want to keep an ideal steady, fat burning pace, then going on the machines at the gym will help you.

Used on their own these machines won’t get you a set of visible rippling abdominal muscles. You have to do fat loss aerobic exercises as well. In as little as twelve weeks you could see results if these measures are followed consistently.

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