Cramps when body building

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There can be nothing more painful than having cramp. some body builders are actually awoken by the pain of cramp in the middle of the night, it can sometimes be that bad. There are successful ways of cutting down on muscle cramping and the pain that goes with it.

The first way to cut down on cramp and the pain associated with it, is to drink lots of water and other healthy fluids. It is recommended that in normal circumstances you should drink 8-10 glasses of water or juice a day. Bodybuilding workout program will need a lot more water or fluids than this, mainly because of the intensive workouts that they do and the amount of food they intake. The best way to tell if you are getting enough water, is to check the colour of your urine. It should be a plae colour, if it seems quite dark, you will need to up your intake of fluid.

As well as having lots of water and fluids throughout the day, another thing to consider, is having regular muscle massages. You have to before and after every work out, warm up, this is a common mistake many people make when exercising and this can be a contributing factor to cramp and the pain that goes with it. Not only will warming up sufficiently help with cramps, another benefit is that it will help you avoid injury as well.

Another common mistake made, is that people when bodybuilding workout tend to overtrain. You have to allow yourself adequate rest so your muscles can repair themselves and therefore grow bigger, constantly training will not let your body do this, and you could also aid injury and cramps.

There are electrolytes in your body that must be replaced after working out and training intensively, and this will of course help reduce any cramping you may be getting. This can be done with salt, but can also be done with sport drinks, ones just like Gatorade. You have to as well, beware of working out in excessive heat or even cold, and when you are hot, allow your body to cool down slowly. Never go from extreme heat to extreme cold atmospheres in an effort to cool off any faster.

Another good thing to remember is to eat a banana before working out, and then also eat another one after you work out. This will help your body to replenish the body’s glycogen levels, and will also help prevent cramping as well.

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