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Do you belong to the unfortunate souls who has the ill-fate of visiting a gym everyday to subject yourself to the same drudgery of exercises It is just a fact that a large majority of professional athletes will find themselves in this situation eventually. Some people choose to abide by fitness and exercise magazines, while others use internet communities. On the contrary, other people prefer to follow celebrity workouts for a break from their routinary training program.

What, you might be wondering, are famous celebrity workouts? These workouts are exactly what Hollywood personal trainers do with their rich and famous clients. Do you think that it is true that Brad Pitt got in the shape he was in while filming the movie Fight Club all by himself, without the assistance of a personal trainer? It is certainly not in any way impossible, but many well-known actors work with a competent fitness expert in order to prepare for a portrayal for which a high degree of physical fitness is needed.

Although there are many poorly designed exercise programs in many exercise and fitness publications, there are a few gems available in those publications. Let us examine some of the notorious celebrity workouts.

Garard Butler was so big in the movie 300, so big that everyone remembers that. Gerard Butler and the entire cast of Spartans were in great shape. This wasn’t done without any help. The actors playing the Spartans were put through a “300 workout” so that they would be in shape for the role. This workout concentrating on making endurance better, developing muscle mass, and getting rid of fat – like many of them do. The exercise savant who devised the 300 exercise program has added more things to the workout. For the actors in 300 they used a circuit style workout which is where you do a number of different exercises to work the same muscle group all in succession with very little break. A few of these exercises from the list were moves such as pull-ups, deadlifts, box jumps, and kettlebell clean and presses.

The 300 workout does not utilize the aesthetic workout movements commonly used by body builders though Craig Ballantyne does. Alternatively, it keys on those exercises that will help you work better with your performance and coordination.

Jay-Z utilized the next celebrity workout that we are going to discuss. A combination of hip-hop coupled with exercise is the unique program espoused by this superstar. Like the 300, Jay-Z’s system does not rely too much on aesthetic moves. It instead works to improve performance as well as muscle mass.

The exercises combine different muscle groups, providing a full body workout with fewer movements. Jay-Z’s exercise program includes modified pull-ups, one-arm presses, high pulls, and squat presses, among other exercises. These movements require a lot of athleticism, and should improve your athletic performance.

Implenting a workout used by famous celebrities helps bring variety into the way you lift.

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