Colon Cleansing and Aerobic Exercise: Keys to Detoxification

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When you’re feeling sick, colon cleansing might be the last thing you’d think of doing. But, it might be the most effective thing you can do. Most people don’t realize it, but most people have ten or more pounds of old fecal matter stuck in their colon and that filth trapped inside our bodies causes a lot of problems. Many are actually surprised to learn the numerous health problems that dirty colons cause.

Some natural healers have even stated that most all health problems begin in the colon. Because if the waste can’t exit the body in the way it’s designed to, it will become trapped in the colon, and eventually be distributed throughout the entire body. It shouldn’t be come as a surprise that stores of filth trapped inside are the source of many health problems. In fact, the health problems that are experienced are often directly related to where in the body the filth is located. Colon cleansing is step one in getting the filth out of your body.

Many products are designed to cleanse the colon, but colon cleansing is best done with methods that physically remove the waste, including enemas and professional colonics. These are the most thorough methods, and to really become clean inside, colon cleansing often needs to be done repeatedly. With colon cleansing, it’s important to replenish your healthy bacteria liberally with probiotics afterward.

To boost your detoxification measures, you can also do aerobic exercise. Most people don’t know it, but aerobic exercise aids the body’s detoxification processes because aerobic exercise encourages the release of toxins by sweating and stimulates the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is another of the body’s detoxification channels; lymph is similar to blood in that it brings nutrients to the cells and removes cellular waste. However, unlike the blood, lymph doesn’t have the heart to pump it through the body; the lymph relies on exercise to keep it moving. The body actually dumps dirty lymph into the colon for removal, so by combining aerobic exercise with colon cleansing, you’ll be enhancing the detoxification benefits of aerobic exercise.

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