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The best ab workouts are highly subjective in nature and more than anything else depends on exactly who you are and how much time you have to devote to the business of getting into shape. How serious you are about getting in shape is also a factor that must be considered, because the six pack workout routines that over the long term give the best results are absolutely miserable to do for a person that is out of shape.

As you persist in doing them they get easier, but if you are not serious enough in your commitment then choosing an easier core training workout might be the best thing for you to do at this stage, keeping in mind that you can always graduate up to the best abdominal workout from the point of view of results when you have trimmed enough of the fat away so that you can do the workout without feeling terrible for the rest of the day.

For a person that is new to the exercise world, good ab workouts for them to try include anything that is easy to do and not arduous. This means that any kind of targeting workout where the motions are short and the overall workout is less than half an hour long is a good workout to consider and of course anything that uses equipment as an aid to make sure that you stick to the workout routines is a bonus.

Remember that this last option tends to be very expensive however, any of the 5 minute ab workouts video tapes that are available on the market are good starters for you to consider when you are at the early stage of your fitness training. For more effective outcomes try Body for Life to aid your learning.

When you have progressed beyond the beginner phase and are starting to feel a lot more fit, then you can look at making the workouts a bit more challenging. One way you can make your exercise more difficult is to add weight resistance to the workout and create an abdominal resistance workout from the simple 5 minute tape that you have been doing this whole time. Stay educated, Fat Loss 4 Idiots to attain improved results.

If heavy weight resistance based exercise isn’t your thing, then another way that you can make the workout more challenging would be to double the time you spend on doing each exercise. This could mean doubling the time or doubling the repetitions, but any exercise that works abdominals will work them harder the longer you do the exercise. Don’t go too long and over train however, because once you get past a critical point in time, your benefit goes way down and your risk goes way up.

These are just some examples of what you could do for your abdominal workout routines. Variations, crunches, pull-ups and other exercises are nice to know, but combining them together in a coherent training regimen is what makes a good abdominal workout and good abdominal workouts used in a proper progressive manner such as the one suggested above can get you results that you never before dreamed you could achieve on your own.

A factor worth considering up front when it comes to fitness and exercise is choosing some very efficient workout strategies. Find out Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle for more serious workout routines.

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