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Have you questioned which cardio exercises are best for burning off additional body fat? Is walking ( low power ) better or running ( high power ) better for burning body fat? Well both low and high interval exercises will help you burn off subcutaneous fat. The issue is which is better and burn more subcutaneous fat.

What’s your fat burning zone? When scientists first claimed that during comprehensive exercises, your body burn glycogen, which is a type of stored carbs stored in your liver and muscles for energy and during low comprehensive exercises, your body burn subcutaneous fat, everybody all of a sudden change their workout routines to perform low power exercises to burn fat.

Does it work? Glaringly it doesn’t work because there are still so many fat folks around although they are working out with low power exericies isn’t it? Why is that so? Well, the scientists were right when they exclaimed that our bodies burn more blubber during low power exercises like walking or a relaxed swim. But in a high power exercise like running, our bodies burn a ton more calories. Even if some of the calories burnt are from glycogen, we intend to still burn many fat calories too. Did you know that when your store of glycogen is low, the carbohydrates from your meal you eat later gets converted into glycogen to fill up the store and won't be converted to subcutaneous fat when left new for energy.

This implies you body will continue to burn fat hours after you have left the gymnasium.

This effect is nearly non existent in low power cardiovascular or aerobic workout. You can inject high power exercises to your cardiovascular workout by introducing some interval coaching. You can walk briskly for five mins, then breaking into a jog for another five minutes. Then walking briskly again till you caught your breath and then run for a minute before walking again for another minute.

From this point, alternate between a run and a walk, a minute each and do this for the following fifteen mins and you are done. Do this for five days each week and before long, you’ll be gradually losing undesired fat and weight healthily and naturally.

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