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Do you believe you can’t lose weight? Have you got a particular reason you can’t lose that excess fat? Sadly the majority of people who want to lose weight get it in their heads that they simply can’t lose weight. That there’s a magical force stopping them from losing weight.

Realty is that deep down they don’t really wanna lose any weight. They would be happy to simply carry on as they are. Openly though, they will still claim to want to lose weight but can’t seem to manage it.

It’s no magical secret. Weight loss is a simple mathematical problem. Your body needs to use more calories than it takes in. If you don’t use as many calories as you eat you will gain weight. Period.

On the other hand if we burn off slightly more than we eat we lose weight. And herein lies the problem. Today’s average diet is so calorie laden it’s a joke. If you actually measured out the right amount of calorific intake that you should have each day you’ll give yourself a heart attack.

Let’s look at a simple example, side bends as an exercise for love handles. Doing lots and lots of these will make you lose weight. However, how many you have to do is hard to guess. You have to calculate how many calories you are burning to balance the scales.

You can quite easily take in a whole days allowance of calories in one meal. Seriously! Fast food is the biggest culprit. In fact fast food is quite often laced with sugar, even the burgers! Sugar makes you get hungry quicker after digestion.

Almost everything we eat gets changed into a simple form of sugar called glucose by the body. Sugary foods get used up much faster and then leave you feeling hungry again very quickly. Is our western diet and its high sugar content a conspiracy to get us to eat more and more, and ultimately spend more and more?

The more food we eat, the more money we spend, the more big industry gets rich. Big business gets richer by the day with this simple formula. And the easiest way to get us eating more? Add sugar to everything we eat.

It’s a bit like in some bars. Free pretzels and peanuts get us eating salt, the salt makes us thirsty, we buy more drinks. To finish off, you should lose some weight if you burn off more calories than you take in. Can you achieve this without help? I very much doubt it as willpower these days pretty scarce.

You need a system to follow. Something to hold your hand every step of the way. A system that will guarantee you drop those unwanted pounds if you follow the rules. If you think you’ve tried everything and still can’t lose weight. Consider trying a product with a whole new approach.

If you believe you can’t lose weight, click that link and have your mind changed.

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