Can You Build Muscle Fast?

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Many of us guys have this vision of being able to build muscle fast. It's great to daydream about how other people would see us as we walk around with muscles popping out of our bodies. Sadly not a lot of us are able to make this a reality.

Trying to copy the training methods of the professional bodybuilders is a complete waste of time for the majority of us. It has taken a lot of years for them to build up to their present training levels. They also have superior genetics compared to the rest of us. Try to keep in mind that many of them get help by using certain..let's just say chemicals.

We spend a ton of money buying the latest supplements, the best equipment for a home gym, pay extortionate gym fees, and more often than not we find ourselves not far from where we originally started from.

There are crtain issues involved with putting on muscle quickly. The first step is to see what exercises you are doing at the moment. You will not build any significant muscle if all you are doing are the small easy exercises.

If you find yourself working out 4-5 times a week, you will struggle to gain muscle

You may think that you eat a lot, but you’d be surprised how little you actually do eat. Try writing down how many calories you are consuming each day. Do this for 7 days and see what results you get. Also work out which foods you are getting these calories from. You will probably need to up your calorie intake

If you want to build muscle fast you need to train big, eat big, and get more rest.

If the deadlift and squat were the only 2 exercises you did for a month or 2, you would not believe how much muscle you would gain. These 2 exercises make your whole body grow. You won't see a guy with large legs covered in muscle, and has thin arms and a sunken chest? No because the legs are your biggest muscles. When these are targeted, so is everything else.

We can't train as often as the big boys. The human body needs time to recover from an intense workout. If you train 1 day on and 1 day off, your body isn't fully recovering. How can you build muscle when no recovery from the previous session has taken place? Try to limit your training to three sessions in a week, for a lot of us 2 sessions will be even more productive. Your body can only grow muscle while it is at rest.

Follow the principles outlined here and you cannot fail to build muscle fast



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