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Review Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle I want to get right down to it, what’s in it for you if you buy burn the fat feed the muscle book?

Not only do you get a muscle gaining ebook that is more than 340 pages in legnth but you also recieve:

  1. A comprehensive guide that breaks down exactly which foods you can eat that will melt the pounds away.
  2. An in depth guide that explains and breaks down which foods actually make you gain weight.
  3. An awesome audio lecture that gives you tools to actually give your current food choices a grade.
  4. Free lifetime upgrades! Tom updates his bodybuilding ebook quite often and you get these for free.
  5. Instant access to his ultra popular weight loss newsletter!
  6. One extra ebook free of charge where you’ll learn the science behind measuring your true body fat!
  7. The Fat Files ebook. This one is a real gem!

Tell me what I really get if I buy this bodybuilding ebook. I want to know the good points and bad points of this bodybuilding ebook!

To be honest, if you’re not really that serious about losing fat then I would wait a while or buy something else that’s going to tell you what you want to hear.

If you’re just looking around and don’t want to put the effort in, and don’t want to lose weight and get shredded, then don’t buy this book. I believe you are dedicated, that’s why you’re on this page.

If you’ve read my reviews for a while now, you know that if something is horrible I’ll tell you and if something is great I’ll tell you as well. This review of burn the fat and feed the muscle is no different. I call it like it is.

The way I see it, if you’re really looking for something that works and want to change your body, and willing to put in the effort, this bodybuilding ebook is worth even much more than the advertised price!

For $39 dollars the amount of high quality information you get for that small price is shocking!

Take a look at some details about burn the fat, feed the muscle:

Tom Venuto talks about how there is no magic pill and he makes a big distinction between, fat loss and weightloss.Tom’s main point in this bodybuilding ebook is that the most important thing is to gain better health and that gaining muscle and losing weight are just byproducts.

Setting goals, picking a strategy and staying motivated:
Tom Venuto puts all the cards on the table breaking down just how necessary it is to have attainable goals that you can actually accomplish in a reasonable amount of time. Mr. Venuto will turn you into a goal setter. Tom breaks tells you how to not set goals like other people do, he gives you a step by step strategy to set the right kinds of goals!

Discovering the right workout plan for your bodytype:
This particular chapter was my personal favorite. Tom Venuto goes into unique detail about which exercises you should focus on and which exercises you should avoid based on your own unique body type. Knowing why not to avoid certain exercises is critical, and Tom explains it better than anybody I have ever heard. Incredibly invaluable. There’s no need to waste time on machines that won’t work for your bodytype.

Bodybuilder’s meal planner guide:
Tom Venuto’s insight on diet is top notch and you don’t want to miss this. Most workout gurus leave information out on purpose and Tom tackles this diet information head on. He devotes twenty whole pages to great foods you should be eating, foods you absolutely have to avoid as well as healthy alternatives to foods that will destroy your body.

The secret behind Supplements:
Tom lays it all out on the line, he has very strong views about the supplements you are taking.With a few keystrokes Tom Venuto completely pulls the legs out of the supplement industry. I was blown away after reading this.Tom explains that there are really only just a few supplements you need to take everyday if you want to see results. He also talks about what happens to your body, if you avoid taking these supplements. I was blown away. This is a must read.

The Truth Behind Cardiovascular Exercise:
Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle is more about how to gain muscle and lose weight. Just about every workout trainer, focus mainly on proper nutrition and weight training, but Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle talks about why you need to also focus on cardio training hardcore.If you want to know which cardio exercises are good and which cardiovascular routines are a compete waste, then don’t skip this. Knowing this will save you time and energy and really put you ahead of the curve.

Complete muscle gaining guide:
This is must have information that is completely critical for you to gain muscle and lose weight.

Losing lots of fat is just something that happens naturally when you workout regularly.
Tom is truly gifted as a writer and somebody who can explain hard to understand concepts in a fun way. Tom taught me (a workout addict of 13 years) tips and tricks that even I was not aware of.I was shocked that I actually learned as much as I did from Tom Venuto’s Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle.

In Summary:
I was hesitant to give any book 5 full stars but Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle hands down, takes the cake.To be quick, just go buy Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle Today!

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