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The goal of most body builders is to have perfect abdominal muscles. Doing simple crunches and sit ups will not give you a six pack, this seems to be a common misconception within the muscle building program world.

Simply doing sit ups will not give you great abdominal muscles. They can actually hurt your back. Doing just crunches will end up giving you bad posture and not affecting your abdominal muscles at all. They will barely scratch the surface. If you are doing 100 repitions of sit ups and crunches per day, you could end up seriously injuring yourself instead of toning your abdominal muscles. Doing this much of these particular exercises will not allow your muscles to heal and rest before you start all over again, therefore leading to potential permanent damage.

There is a little known fact that to build your abdominal muscles, it is actually best to do things that not specifically designed for those particular muscles. The first thing to do is to lose body fat, if you do not reduce the body fat then noone will ever see the six pack, even if you have one!

Once you have lost the actual body fat so that you can actually see your abdominal muscles, it is then the time to do some exercise to get them in shape. There are many exercises that you can do to build abdominal muscles, and they will involve using the back and sometimes the legs as well.

Situps can hurt your back, but do not rule them out. You need to ensure you know how to do situps properly in the first place, and to not do them to the extent that they over stretch your back. You could also lie on the floor, bend your knees, and pull your thighs up into your abdomen. This is the safer option, but will only then work the lower abdominal muscles. You can work the abs when you do chinups. Use an underhanded grip on the bar, bend your knees at a 90 degree angle, and as you pull your chin up above the bar, then pull your thighs up into your abdomen.

All of these bodybuilding exercises will work, but again, they are pretty much pointless if you don’t lose the body fat first. The loss of body fat typically comes from eating a good diet, while doing exercises to burn fat, as opposed to exercises done to build muscle.

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