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These days, men are more body conscious. many of them scour the internet for ways on how to build weight and muscle at the same time.  If you are one of those men, then look no further.  I have some excellent tips that will help you get one step closer to becoming the lean, mean, muscle machine that you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

First of all, be informed that you need not spend a fortune to build weight and muscle.  This will not cost you an arm and a leg. You do not need any expensive supplements or body building coaches that charge a fortune for their services.

It is quite simple, actually.  There are only two factors to consider when trying to build weight and muscle, and those are diet and exercise.

To build weight, you must gain it first.  Increase your calorie intake.  Protein and carbohydrates are essential to reach your desired body weight and muscle mass.  Take for example a cave man.  Their bodies are rock solid.  What do they chow down on?  Plenty of meat, fruits, and vegetables.  They never had processed food before, nor have they ever heard of greasy junk food like pizza and burgers.  So in short, eat healthy, stay away from processed, greasy, fatty foods, and you are well on your way in achieving a stone-hard, ripped body like theirs.

Since you want to build muscles as well, protein and carbohydrates are very important in attaining optimum results.  These are the key sources of energy needed to help your body burn all the calories that you are taking in.  Besides, protein is the building block of the muscle tissues.  More muscle tissues mean bigger muscles.

You cannot build weight and muscle without exercising.  Unlike cardiovascular exercises that are designed to build endurance and get rid of fat, bodybuilding exercises can be done within a shorter time period.  It is easier and quicker to build body mass than to lose body fat with the aforementioned proper diet.  You need to stress or challenge your muscles by lifting weights.  As you lift heavy weights, you tear your muscle.  When the muscles heal, they become bigger and stronger than before.

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