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When deliberating fitness and weight loss goals, most of us seem to have one area in particular that is more difficult to get into shape.  Getting a chiseled stomach may take more work than other parts of the body, but with the right mix of diet and exercise, a toned abdomen is simply achievable.

Effective ab exercises can be performed without or with expensive equipment that might not necessarily get you the results you are expecting.  When abdominal exercises are mixed with an aerobics session that targets the abdomen, quicker and better results are usually seen.  A varied exercise routine gives a good body workout, but more attention will need to be paid to the abdomen if you would like a nice six-pack.  Of course, if you would like a jump start, there are some  plastic surgery procedures like liposuction and stomach tucks that will get you going in the right direction fast!

The best ab exercises give great results when they are done correctly and religiously.  According to, the best ab exercise of all time is the cycle.  This standard abdominal exercise is performed on a mat on the floor.  Lay on your back with your hands behind your head and legs bent at a forty five degree angle.  Start peddling and be sure to extend your legs above the floor before pulling them in toward your abdomen and switching.  The second most efficient ab exercise is performed on a captain’s chair, which can be discovered in most gymnasiums and fitness facilities.  The third handiest ab exercise is done by doing crunches on an exercise ball, a challenging workout that gives great results.  Other effective ab exercises for getting the abdomen into shape include the vertical leg crunch and the reverse crunch, as well as those using machines built to specifically target the muscles of the abdomen.

There are plenty of good resources available online loaded with info on the best and worst ab exercises and workouts.  A number of sites like,, or, can show you how to lose buckle fat and tighten those abs for the six-pack you want.  You won’t be in a position to wait for the chance to show off your rock hard abs, not to mention the rest of your fit toned booty.  No more pooch getting in the way of wearing your favourite low cut jeans.  So what are you waiting for?  Get busy with those ab exercises now!

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