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If you’re over 40 years old and you want to begin weight training there are things you must do to start building muscle that will help guarantee that you can reach your goals. I’m certain you recognize that as we get older our bodies begin to change and things we did as youngsters we can’t do today. Our recovery time increases because our metabolisms are slowing down.Just because we aren’t as young as we once were should not necessarily mean we shouldn’t start a muscle building workout program. It does mean that getting into shape and building muscle will have to be approached from a different outlook.


The primary thing we need to consider is our diet. Our overall health is a direct response to the foods we eat. In order to have the energy we must have to fuel our workouts we must limit the high fat low nutrient foods we routinely eat It is really rather simple. Begin eating all natural whole foods and stop eating the processed sugary fat laden foods. After eating more fresh fruits and vegetables you will see an increase in energy and vitality. You will continue to stay healthy as long as you maintain this approach to eating.

Begin your muscle building workout.

Warm up Exercises

It is crucial that once you have made up your mind to start working out and getting into shape you must take it slowly. Any muscle building routine must include plenty of warm up time and plenty of rest time. Spend 10 minutes prior to each workout warming up. I like to stretch and then do some cardio to really warm my muscles up. After your muscle building workout it is important to rest so your body can recoup. We aren’t young anymore and our bodies can’t handle going out and partying to all hours of the night. In order to be successful we have to learn and live by these facts.

Rather than working out individual body parts I prefer to do exercises that workout the entire body. Rather than using free weights I prefer to workout using bodyweight exercises including pushups and chinups. This decision should be based on your overall physical condition. If you feel that free weights are a good fit for you than you can tailor your program for that. Working out three times a week is a good way to begin your weight lifting program. On your off days you should do cardio work that will help develop your wind and endurance. Even if your cardio workout means just taking an extended walk, it is a walk that is taking you off the couch and headed in the right direction.

Record Your Progress

Do you want a real incentive? Take a photo of yourself at the beginning of your muscle building workout and then take a photo at the end of each month. Keep these as a reminder of where you were and where you are heading. This will motivate the people you love to get into shape as well. Don’t be overwhelmed when you see how your body can change in such a small amount of time. Change your physique by staying motivated and staying consistent.

Your overall body type will determine the program you will use. I use a fat burning muscle building workout program because it works for me and it is very affordable. At 40 years of age I am in the best shape of my life. You can do it there is nothing stopping you.

Read a review I wrote about the main program I use Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle to get into the shape I’m currently in. Try it for yourself!

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