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Lift your game with a jam packed workout that strengthens balance, improves co-ordination and burns calories at the same time! Boxing classes Sydney CBD offer a high intensity workout!

Have you ever dropped something expensive and watched it drop, in slow motion, to the ground and done nothing about it? Have you ever slipped and seen both your feet almost higher than your face as your butt hits the ground with a thud – and it’s like you watched the whole thing happen, right before your eyes.

If you can relate to either of those situations, then you are someone with ‘reflexes in hibernation’.

‘Reflexes in hibernation’ happens to the best of us.  It is a reversible condition.
This isn’t something your doctor will diagnose you with, when your reflexes are in hibernation, it actually means that you haven’t been using them for a certain period of time and through lack of activity, our reflexes become relaxed, a little slow… Much like when you first wake up in the morning!

Do you think you would be able to catch a rolled up newspaper when you first get out of bed in the morning? No Way? That then is what your reflexes think as well. You try something tricky or drop something sticky, chances are you won’t master the outcome you want.

With boxing classes Sydney CBD you are well on the way to waking up your sleeping reflexes!

With just three little exercises done daily you can soon improve your reflexes!

Start by taking 5 minutes each day to wake up your reflexes to get ready for action:

  • Grab any piece of fruit you like, preferably an apple or orange.
  • Having the fruit in your right hand, toss it above your head 10 times. (Be sure to catch it – because you will enjoy eating it soon!)
  • Next! Toss the fruit from left hand to right hand, 12 times
  • And now, for your next trick, balance the fruit on your head – with your hands out in front of you , let the fruit fall unexpectedly by tilting your head forward – Now catch it!

If you don’t eat fruit or you are looking for someone else to motivate you then why not get involved in boxing classes Sydney CBD based – near to work?  You will accelerate your results in synchronizing your hand and eye co-ordination really easily – even if you have 2 left feet and 2 right arms this is a sure fire way of creating super speed and accuracy in your everyday motor skills!

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