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In the video above, you got a sneek look at what's inside the members area of Vince DelMonte's fitness program, so now you can see just why it's the bestselling gym workouts program on the web!

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Body Building Revealed by Will Brink is a new and comprehensive program on how to build muscle and get lean. At the heart of the system is a 600 page ebook full of quality information that forms a unique bodybuilding program. You will also get a number of high quality bonuses and 12 months access to the private members area and forum that accompanies the e-book.

Who is Will brink? Will is a authority on sports nutrition and supplements having worked with the SWAT and Navy Seals. To read more on Will Brink and the BBR system click here: Bodybuilding Revealed by Will Brink

If you have been working out for any length of time you will know that if you don’t eat correctly all your hard work will go unrewarded.Many experts say that if you’re trying to build lean muscle as much as 80% of your end results are down to correct nutrition and rest – NOT training!

The book contains in depth systems on how to train and do cardios to get lean and lose body fat, plus just about every thing you need to gain muscle. Will Also shows you how to put together your own personal “lean muscle building diet” – you’ll be shown how to do it in the exact same way that professional athletes do.

Besides the written information you get access to an amazing resource which Will calls his “Inner Ring” in which you basically get free consultancy. There is also an incredible array of diet planning tools, unique articles from other leading industry experts and much more. It really is awesome stuff. To read more on Will Brink and the BBR system click here: Bodybuilding Revealed by Will Brink.

I can safely say this is the most complete guide to building muscle I have seen, the only downside if there is one is it’s size – it’s a monster, but then again it has a great index and table of contents and you can just click to the section your interested in. A well recommended program.

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