Bodybuilding and The Importance of Rest

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The main four things we need to survive and to live healthly are oxygen, water, food and then sleep. Those four things that we need are in order of how we need them and how importnant they are. Sleep may be at the bottom of the list, but this does not make it any less essential than the others. As combined these things are as important as each other. If you have become a body builder recently or you are a professional, if you do not get the required amount of sleep each and every day, you will not get far in your body building career.

If you do not get the required amount of sleep you will soon become what is known as fatigued. There are two different types of fatigue that you may feel, these are physical fatigue and mental fatigue respectively. If you are a body builder and you become fatigued through lack of sleep and too much bodybuilding exercise training, you will soon feel both effects of fatigue. Getting plenty of sleep and rest is essential to the body’s recovery process after all the muscles in your body have been worked in one way or another. Your body will not recover from the fatigue whether mentally or physically till you have chance to rest, but it may take a while for your body to fully recover, if you have missed a few nights sleep. It is therefore better just to get some good, peaceful sleep from the off.

Some product manufacters and marketers say that catabolic may happen while you are sleeping, this is the muscles going to waste and ruin while you sleep. This is absolute nonsense, and could end up costing you your life.

What is actually happening to your body while you go to sleep is a standard repair job. The muscles that you have worked throughout the day will actually repair themselves, because you are actually damaging them when you stretch them the way that you do. What you will find after a nights sleep and your body recovering is that you are then more easily able to lift weight, and you have more energy because of the nights rest.

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