Bodybuilding and the Glycemic Index

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If you are just starting the sport of muscle building, and it will not be too long before you learn that the glycemic index is your new best friend in the whole world. You may be asking yourself, What on earth is the glycemic index? Well it is actually what will determines whether we lose body fat or in turn gain muscle. The glycemic index is an index of all the carbohydrates that is actually based on how those carbohydrates affect your blood sugar level in your body. It is more vital to your muscle building life than you might first think or even begin to imagine.

Do not even bother with the low-carb diet. Do not bother with any low fat or low calorie diet. Eat what is known as a low-GI (glycemic index) diet, and you will become a person with very low body fat, without actually even going the slightest bit hungry. The best bit is that according to the glycemic index, you don't even need to bother counting anything!

When you eat foods that naturally have a low GI level, you will in turn aid your blood sugar level in becoming more stabilized. What does this exactly mean? Well it means that you will not become hungry until your body honestly require any food. It will also mean that you will not crave sweet foods and then risk blowing everything . Instead of eating any white potatoes, try eating sweet potatoes instead, they naturally have a lower GI level. Eating a low GI diet will in turn improve your bodys sensitivity to insulin. A low GI diet also promotes better physical endurance.

So, how easy is it to start with a low GI diet? The first thing you need to do is to study the glycemic index which can be helpfully found at The next thing to do is to use all the invaluable tips that they will supply on that site. Some of these includes using oats, barley, and bran for breakfast, eating grainy breads made from whole seeds, to eat sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes, and to eat plenty of salad, as well as lots of other fruits and vegetables.

Another good point to note is that there are no number limits with a GI diet. The trick is to eat foods that have all the low numbers on the GI. When it comes to the GI, any food that has a GI of 55 or less is thought a low GI food. Just remember that the GI value is given for a specific serving of a food — if you double the serving, you double the GI value as well!

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